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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Dr Isaias Fanlo

Isaias Fanlo
University Lecturer in Modern Iberian Literary and Cultural Studies
Iberian Studies Fellow
Fitzwilliam College
Spanish & Portuguese
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages & Linguistics
Contact details: 

Fitzwilliam College

Storey’s Way




Isaias Fanlo is a Lecturer of Modern and Contemporary Iberian Literature at the University of Cambridge. He holds a PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Chicago. His work on Iberian literatures and cultures and queer theory has been published in scholarly magazines, as well as in books like De vidas y virus (2019) or The Unsafe Stage (2022). He also contributes regularly to generalist media, where he writes about scenic arts, culture and activism. His monograph El llibre rosa (“The Pink Book”) was a pioneer work on gender and sexuality in Catalonia.

Intertwined with his academic teaching and research, Fanlo has built a career as a translator and as a cultural manager. He has been editor, curator and creator of contents for Barcelona’s Teatre Nacional de Catalunya and artistic advisor for Barcelona’s Teatre Lliure. He is founder and artistic director of Terrats en Cultura, Barcelona’s awarded rooftop scenic arts festival, and member of the European Rooftop Network.

His current research moves in the intersection between Iberian modern and contemporary literatures and cultures and a queer, decolonial approach. It engages novels, poetry, plays, performative events, films and TV shows, in order to problematize ideas such as the canon and the norm. He is currently preparing a monograph, under the working title Desviaciones, fracasos, utopías, about the erratic and the obscene.

Research interests: 

-Spanish literatures and cultures (from the nineteenth century to the present)

-Catalan literatures and cultures (from the nineteenth century to the present)

-Theatre and performance studies

-Iberian cinema

-Queer theory

-Race, politics and culture

-Colonial and postcolonial intersections

-Narratives of the exile

Dr Fanlo welcomes inquiries from potential MPhil and PhD students with research interests relevant to his interests.

Published works: 


El llibre rosa de gais i lesbianes. Barcelona, Columna Edicions, 2004.

Articles and book chapters

“Rewriting Race: The Angels in America Scandal and New Representations of Blackness in Contemporary Catalan Drama.” María Chouza; Esther Fernández; Jonathan Thacker, eds. The Unsafe Stage: Daring Adaptations, Creative Failures and Experimental Performances in Iberian and Transnational Contexts. Liverpool University Press, 2022.

“Cuartos oscuros, barras de bar, pistas de baile y otras utopías queer en el teatro español contemporáneo.” Paola Bellomi; Claudio Castro Filho, eds. Entre el cuarto oscuro y la utopía queer: sexualidades no normativas en el teatro español contemporáneo. Peter Lang, 2022.

“Apunts per a repensar el teatre en temps de pandèmia.” (Pausa.) Quaderns de teatre contemporani, 42 (2020).

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“Supervivència i utopia en el teatre queer i trans.” Marc Rosich, Teatre trans (i altres textos no normatius). Comanegra, 2020.

“Notes sobre el teatre de Guillem Clua.” Guillem Clua, Teatre reunit (2002-2019). Arola edicions, 2020.

“Joe Orton en set escenes.” Joe Orton, Tot el teatre I. Prometeu edicions, 2020.

“Ética de lo obsceno: ideas en torno a la gentrificación del sida en las artes escénicas.” Rafael Mérida, ed. De vidas y virus: VIH/sida en las culturas hispánicas. Icaria, 2019.

“Malaltia, frivolitat, responsabilitat i transgressió: un diàleg (queer) amb Guillem Clua.” (Pausa.) Quaderns de teatre contemporani, 40 (2018).

“Els invisibles i els silenciats: Algunes reflexions epistolars sobre qüestions racials i queer en el teatre català.” (Pausa.) Quaderns de teatre contemporani, 40 (2018). Co-written with Jeffrey K. Coleman.

Selected translations

Jaime Manrique, Si me ves por el camino. Seix Barral, 2021. (Novel)

Martin Sherman, Bent, 2014. Performed in Havana, Cuba, in June 2014. (Play)

George Bernard Shaw, “La casa dels cors trencats i Horseback Hall”, in La casa dels cors trencats. Barcelona: Proa, 2009. pp. 31-81. (Essay)

Architectures, TV series from Arte Channel. C33, Televisió de Catalunya, 2006.

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