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Spanish and Portuguese


Current PhD Students in Spanish and Portuguese

An asterisk * denotes a student registered in the Centre of Latin American Studies (CLAS) who is also a member of the Spanish and Portuguese Section of the MMLL Faculty, via the Latin American Cultural Studies Consortium.




Research Topic


*Andrea Aramburu Villavisencio

Girton College

Interactions between disruptive kinships, affect and aesthetics in contemporary Latin American cinema

Dr Joanna Page

Diego Azurdia

Hughes Hall

The history of the sublime and the sublime as history in Latin America

Dr. Rory O’Bryen 

*Anna Corrigan St. Edmund's College Practices of Assembling in the Post-Dictatorship Southern Cone Dr Joanna Page
María Fernanda Domínguez Londoño

King's College

The new sun worshippers: photography, print culture and extractivism in the American hemisphere between 1839 and 1859 Dr Rory O’Bryen
Matthew Doorly   "Outcasts of the Civil War: Exile and Identity in the Narratives of Max Aub, Michel del Castillo, and Mercè Rodoreda." Dr. Bryan Cameron
William Huddleston

Corpus Christi

Uruguayan Football: an Investigation into Identity, Nationality, Modernity and Globalisation Dr Maite Conde
Carlos Iglesias Crespo King's College Memory and Lyric Poetry in Early Modern Spain Prof Rodrigo Cacho
Ana Lucía Martínez St Edmund’s The emergence of the invisible: exploring a poetic of the vestige in Jorge Eduardo Eielson’s art Dr Rory O'Bryen
Iffat Mirza Newnham College The rediscovery and creation of Subaltern Epistemologies in the Global South through comparative readings of Latin American and South Asian literature. Prof Geoffrey Kantaris
Andrea Carolina Morales Loucil* King's College Calamitous Genes: Conceptualizing Race, Nation, and Dissent the Spanish Caribbean, 1815-1898 Dr Rory O'Bryen

Ben Quarshie

King's College

Black Identity and the Nation State in Latin America from the Nineteenth Century to the Present

Dr Rory O'Bryen

*Jessica Sequeira King's College

 Ideas from India in the Philosophies of 20th century Latin American Writers

Dr Joanna Page
Leo Temple King's College

 Mytho-Technical Syncretism and the Economies of Scale in “Modernista” Latin American Poetics

Dr Geoffrey Kantaris
*Oliver Wilson-Nunn Trinity Hall College Incarceration in Twentieth-Century Argentine Visual Culture Dr Joanna Page


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