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SP5 Lecture List

SP5 Lecture Course

Lectures take place on *Tuesdays 3pm*, *Wednesdays 3pm*, so you must keep these times free in your timetable.

The full lecture list is now available from:

As well as viewing the timetable there, with individual lectures and topics, you can download it directly to Outlook, Google Calendar, iCal, etc.

SP5: Lecture List for 2019-2020 - ALWAYS CONSULT UNIVERSITY TIMETABLE (last-minute changes may not be published here)

Co-ordinator: Joanna Page

Term Week DayTime Person Topic Class/Lecture RealTime
Michaelmas 1 Tu3     [NO LECTURE] 3:00 pm Tue 15-Oct-2019
Michaelmas 1 We3 Joanna Page &
Geoffrey Kantaris
Intro Introduction and Explanation of Paper 3:00 pm Wed 16-Oct-2019
Michaelmas 2 Tu3 Carlos Fonseca CR Charting Revolution: Juan Rulfo, El llano en llamas 3:00 pm Tue 22-Oct-2019
Michaelmas 2 We3 Geoffrey Kantaris CR [Seminar] The history of the Mexican Revolution 3:00 pm Wed 23-Oct-2019
Michaelmas 3 Tu3 Carlos Fonseca CR Charting Revolution: Mariano Azuela, Los de abajo 3:00 pm Tue 29-Oct-2019
Michaelmas 3 We3 Erika Teichert PD Penning the Dictator: Marta Traba, Conversación al sur and Luisa Valenzuela, Cambio de armas 3:00 pm Wed 30-Oct-2019
Michaelmas 4 Tu3 Lucy Foster PD Penning the Dictator: Isabel Allende, La casa de los espíritus 3:00 pm Tue 5-Nov-2019
Michaelmas 4 We3 Joanna Page LF Labyrinths of Fiction: Jorge Luis Borges, Ficciones 3:00 pm Wed 6-Nov-2019
Michaelmas 5 Tu3 Joanna Page LF [Seminar] Borges, Ficciones and Cortázar, Bestiario 3:00 pm Tue 12-Nov-2019
Michaelmas 5 We3 Rosie Hunt PD [Seminar] Penning the Dictator 3:00 pm Wed 13-Nov-2019
Michaelmas 6 Tu3 Erika Teichert LF [Seminar] Metafiction: Gabriel García Márquez, Crónica de una muerte anunciada and Borges, Ficciones 3:00 pm Tue 19-Nov-2019
Michaelmas 6 We3 Joanna Page LF Labyrinths of Fiction: Adolfo Bioy Casares, La invención de Morel and Felisberto Hernández, Las Hortensias. 3:00 pm Wed 20-Nov-2019
Lent 1 Tu3 Diego Azurdia FID Foundations, Identity, Difference: Popol Vuh 3:00 pm Tue 21-Jan-2020
Lent 1 We3 Rory O'Bryen FID Foundations, Identity, Difference: Alejo Carpentier, El reino de este mundo 3:00 pm Wed 22-Jan-2020
Lent 2 Tu3 Rodrigo Cacho FID Foundations, Identity, Difference: Guaman Poma, Primer nueva corónica y buen gobierno 3:00 pm Tue 28-Jan-2020
Lent 2 We3 Rory O'Bryen RC Representing the City: Roberto Arlt, El juguete rabioso 3:00 pm Wed 29-Jan-2020
Lent 3 Tu3 Rory O'Bryen FID Foundations, Identity, Difference: Soledad Acosta de Samper, Dolores 3:00 pm Tue 4-Feb-2020
Lent 3 We3 Joanna Page RC Representing the City: [Seminar] Eliseo Subiela, Últimas imágenes del naufragio and El juguete rabioso 3:00 pm Wed 5-Feb-2020
Lent 4 Tu3 Geoffrey Kantaris FID Foundations, Identity, Difference: Jorge Icaza, Huasipungo 3:00 pm Tue 11-Feb-2020
Lent 4 We3 Geoffrey Kantaris RC Representing the City: Horror films: Íntimo terror and Cronos 3:00 pm Wed 12-Feb-2020
Lent 5 Tu3 Carlos Fonseca FID Foundations, Identity, Difference: [Seminar] Rosario Castellanos, Balún Canán and Popol Vuh 3:00 pm Tue 18-Feb-2020
Lent 5 We3 Rory O'Bryen FID Foundations, Identity, Difference: Essays on identity: Ariel, Calibán, etc. 3:00 pm Wed 19-Feb-2020