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Spanish and Portuguese


Spanish and Portuguese Societies

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In Cambridge:

  • The Hispanic Society

For many students, the Hispanic image may be one of sun, sangría and a huge appetite for fiestas. The Hispanic Society not only brings this lifestyle to Cambridge with such events as their hugely successful Garden party in May Week, but also encompasses many other areas. It provides the social link between students and the Faculty, organises conversation evenings on a regular basis at the local Tapas Bar and shows Spanish and Latin-American films throughout the year. But back to those all-important fiestas: the annual Latin-American Salsa Night is scheduled for Michaelmas term, whilst other events such as a Food and Drink evening, cocktails night, and many other dinners will take place throughout the year.

The Society draws members from all over the world, from Buenos Aires to Santiago in Spain and Santiago in Chile. It must be stressed that any level of Spanish is welcome; the aim of the Society is to bring together everyone with a love for all things Hispanic, whether you have just returned from your Year Abroad in Perú, a fortnight on the 'Costa de la sangría' or simply miss your home country.

The committee is always out in force at the Freshers' Fair at Kelsey Kerridge, but do not hesitate to contact any of us at any time for more information.

Keep an eye on the Spanish and Portuguese departmental noticeboard for further information on meetings and events arranged by the societies


  • The Portuguese Society

The Portuguese Society brings together students of Portuguese with Portuguese and Brazilian natives who are studying in Cambridge. There are regular meetings of the Society for pub conversation meetings and other academic and social events such as Brazilian Parties, lectures on Portuguese and Brazilian topics, etc. It also provides the social link between students and the Faculty. For further information, look for the Society's representatives at the Freshers' Fair at Kelsey Kerridge or look in the CUSU handbook.

Do not hesitate to contact any of the Society's representatives if you would like further details.

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