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PGA2: Translation from Portuguese and Oral A

This paper is available for the academic year 2023-24.


This paper consists of two parts: translation from Portuguese into English and an oral practice. Though each part is taught and assessed separately they add up to result into an overall mark. By acquiring and developing translation strategies you will broaden your knowledge of vocabulary, style and register in written Portuguese while becoming acquainted with literary texts from Portugal, Brazil and Lusophone Africa. Similarly, by exercising your oral skills you will be expanding your ability to communicate and master spoken Portuguese.

Aims and objectives: 

For the translation element of this paper you will build on your ongoing language acquisition by developing skills in translating short literary passages covering a variety of uses of Portuguese. This will give you a hands-on experience in reading and engaging with a range of prose texts in Iberian, African and Brazilian Portuguese, thus expanding your knowledge both of the language and of Lusophone cultures. 

For the oral element you will be practising the use of Portuguese in conversation with a native speaker through the use of a variety of materials: books, music, short videos and podcasts.

Course materials: 

The materials used for both oral practice and translation will be provided by supervisors.

Teaching and learning: 

Teaching for the translation element of this paper takes the form of fortnightly supervisions in the Lent Term. During these supervisions you will have the opportunity of acquiring tools and strategies for translating literary passages from the Lusophone canon into English. 

To prepare for the oral, you will have weekly oral supervisions with a native speaker throughout the academic year. All Portuguese supervisions are centrally organized by the Department, with the approval of the relevant college.

Please see PGA2's Moodle site.


The examination consists of a translation component and an oral. For the former, you will have two hours to translate two contrasting passages into English (roughly 250 words each). The latter consists of the reading aloud of a passage taken from a text chosen by the examiners and a conversation based on the subject of the text. You will receive a copy of the text fifteen minutes before the start of the exam.

Course Contacts: 
Dr Vivien Kogut Lessa de Sá