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SP5 Examination Papers

These examination papers are provided for the purposes of revision and as a source of possible essay titles for your supervision essays. Please note that paper formats and set texts change over the years. You may find relevant practice questions on previous papers, but you must acquaint yourself with the changes before using these. These papers are supplied in the internationally adopted Open Document Format.

SP5 Rubric for Tripos 2023

Please note that the exam format for Tripos 2023 will be the same as for 2022, but the requirement to answer at least one question from each Section (Section A is Foundations, Identity, Difference; Section B is all the other topics) has been reinstated. The rubric will thus read:

Answer three questions, at least one from each Section. Each answer should be between 1,200 and 1,300 words not including the bibliography.
Do not draw substantially on the same material for more than one answer.

SP5 Adjusted papers for Tripos 2020-2022

SP5 New Format Specimen Paper from Tripos 2017

SP5 Old Format to Tripos 2016

Please note the following documents are in Open Document Format. Right-click (or Command-click on a Mac) and save the document you want to your computer. Then open the document in Word, and Word should convert it. You may be able to drag and drop the document from its saved location onto Word.

Further sample questions will often be provided in handouts for the relevant lectures. Please see the Moodle site for this paper.