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Part Ib Spanish

Below is an overview of the available options at Part Ib (second year) for both language papers and scheduled (content) papers.

Spanish Language Papers in Part IB

Option A (ex ab initio)

These are the papers for second year students who followed the ab initio (Option A) course in their first year. There are classes in the 'Use of' the language, Translation from the language, and language/oral supervisions. (Translation into Spanish (SPB3) and Spanish through Audiovisual Media (SPAV) are only taken by second-year students who started the course with an 'A'-level or equivalent in the language concerned.)

  • SPB1: Use of Spanish
  • SPB2: Translation from Spanish
  • SPBO: Spanish Oral B

Option B

Part IB Option B is for those who took Spanish as a post A-level language in their first year.

The Language papers available in the Part IB examination itself are as follows:

  • SPB3: Translation into Spanish and Spanish through Audiovisual Media

Spanish Scheduled Papers in Part IB

All students

Please note that one of your Part IB scheduled papers are available for examination by Long Essay.  Please refer to the Faculty's Part IB list of Scheduled Papers to see which ones will be available this year under the Assessment by Long Essay scheme.

Ex-Beginners of Spanish (Part IB Option A students)

You must choose at least one of the Part IB papers listed below (* PLEASE SEE NOTES BELOW), but you may choose up to three, depending on the choices you make in regard to your other language (for example, if you choose to take a third scheduled paper instead of the Prose/Audiovisual (B3/AV) papers in your post-A-level language).

Post-A-level Spanish but ab initio in another language (Part IB Option B Spanish with Option A in another language)

You may take one or two of the papers listed below (* PLEASE SEE NOTES BELOW), depending on the choices you make in regard to your other language -- for example, in addition to the scheduled paper which you must take in your beginners' language, you may choose to take, say, one scheduled paper plus Prose/Audiovisual (SPB3/SPAV) in Spanish, or two Spanish scheduled papers and no Prose/Audiovisual.

Post A-level in both your languages (Part IB Option B students in both languages)

You may take any three scheduled papers from the full range available at Part IB (* PLEASE SEE NOTES BELOW). Assuming you wish to take Spanish papers, you may choose up to three of the papers listed below.

  • SP3: Medieval Iberia, Early Modern Spain and Latin America.
  • SP4: Modern Spanish Culture and History.
  • SP5: Latin American Culture and History. [Previously called Spanish-American Culture and History.]
  • SP11: ** The Hispanic Languages.

    You may also choose:

  • SP6: ** Introduction to Catalan Language and Literature. 
  • PG3: ** Introduction to the Language, Literatures and Cultures of the Portuguese-speaking World.  [Previously called Introduction to the Language and Literature of Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking Africa.]  (Please note that Candidates who took Option A (ab initio) in Spanish and who wish to take PG3 must also take a Spanish scheduled paper. Students should also note that paper PG3 will not be available to candidates who have previously offered Portuguese as one of their languages in Part IA.
  • CS1:** The Romance Languages.

*If you sat this paper at Part IA, you may not repeat the same paper at Part IB.

**If you choose any of these papers in Part IB you will not be able to take them again in Part II where they are available too.

Please note that no candidate may offer more than one of Papers GR3, PG3, SP6, SL9 or SL13 in any one year.

These are the Spanish Part IB available for examination by Long Essay: SP3, SP4, SP5.