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Part II Spanish

Language Papers in Part II

In addition to your scheduled papers, you will take these three examinations, designed to test knowledge of the languages corresponding to the scheduled papers. The Text and Culture paper and the Translation paper need not be offered in the same language, though most candidates are likely to opt to do so. The Oral examination must be in one of the languages offered in those two written papers.

  • SPC1: Translation from and into Spanish
  • SPC2: Spanish: Text and Culture
  • SPCO: Advanced Spanish Oral

Scheduled Papers in Part II

The scheduled papers and the dissertation(s) may all relate to one language area or may be spread over different language areas. It is always advisable to take at least one scheduled paper with components in the same language as your language papers because the books that you read will feed into your language work, helping your fluency in reading and writing, and extending your vocabulary.

In addition to the papers below, please also see Schedule D (borrowed) papers.

  • SP7: Spanish and Latin American Early Modern Literature and Culture
  • SP9: Spanish Literature, Thought, and History after 1820 
  • SP11: *The Hispanic Languages
  • SP12: Latin-American Culture
  • SP13: Contemporary Latin-American Culture.
  • SP14: Frontiers: Medieval Spanish Literature & Culture (N.B. in 2023/24 SP14 will only be available by Optional Dissertation)
  • IL1: Ibero-American Cinema

You may also choose:

  • Paper SP10: *  The culture and language of contemporary Catalonia.
  • Paper PG3: * Introduction to the Language, Literatures and Cultures of the Portuguese-speaking World.  [Previously called Introduction to the Language and Literature of Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking Africa.]  Please note that this paper is only available to students who are NOT taking the Portuguese Tripos.   

*If you took any of these papers in Part Ib, you may not take a written examination in it again in Part II.

Please note that no candidate may offer more than one of Papers GR3, PG3, SP10, SL9, or SL13 in any one year, and that if you took PG3 in Part IB you will not be able to take it again in Part II.

Comparative papers in Part II

In addition to the papers above, you may take the following comparative papers:

  • CS1: *The Romance Languages
  • CS5: †The Body
  • CS6: †European Film

* If you took this paper in Part IB you may not take a written examination in it again in Part II.

† No candidate may offer more than one paper from Papers CS4, 5, or 6.