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Staff in Spanish & Portuguese


Staff in Spanish and Portuguese

The list below links to details about every member of staff in Spanish and Portuguese. Former members are listed separately (see below). General enquiries should be addressed to the Spanish & Portuguese Secretary at

For information on research interests and activities, please click here.

For details about others in the Faculty, see How to Contact us for general enquiries, or the full Faculty Staff List for specific individuals.


Director of Spanish & Portuguese 

Name Role Email Phone
Keown, Prof Dominic 

Director of the Spanish and Portuguese Section (DoS)

Professor of Catalan Studies

For DoS-related matters:


(7) 35015

Spanish & Portuguese Graduate Teaching and Examination Officer (GTEO)

Name Role Email Phone
Conde, Dr Maite

Reader in Brazilian Studies

Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Teaching and Examination Officer (GTEO)

Jesus College

For GTEO-related matters:



(3) 39428

Spanish & Portuguese Undergraduate Teaching and Examination Officer (UTEO)

Name Role Email Phone
Sitaridou, Dr Ioanna

University Reader in Spanish and Historical Linguistics

Spanish and Portuguese Undergraduate Teaching and Examination Officer (UTEO) 

Queens' College

For UTEO-related matters:

(3) 31943

Assistant Staff

Name Role Email Phone
Palmer, Ms Esther Section Coordinator

Parker, Ms Mel

Section Secretary



Academic Staff (College Teaching Officers, Language Teaching Officers, Catalan Lectora and University Teaching Officers)

Name Role Email Phone
Cacho, Dr Rodrigo

Reader in Spanish Golden Age and Colonial Studies

Clare College (3) 33260
Cameron, Prof. Bryan

University Lecturer, Modern Spanish Literature and Culture

Selwyn College (7) 69245
Carreres, Dr Angeles

Senior Language Teaching Officer in Spanish

Selwyn College (3) 35028
Davis, Dr Stuart

Senior Lecturer in Spanish at Girton College

Newton Trust Lecturer

Affiliated Lecturer (3) 38954
Drayson, Dr Elizabeth

Lorna Close Fellow in Spanish at Murray Edwards College and Director of Studies in Spanish and Portuguese

Senior College Lecturer, Murray Edwards

Affiliated Lecturer

(7) 62223 (Murray Edwards)


Egan, Dr Caroline 

Lecturer in Colonial Literary and Cultural Studies

Emmanuel College (3) 31970
Epps, Prof Brad

Professor of Spanish

Professorial Fellow at King's College

[On leave Lent and Easter Terms 2018 and the academic year 2018-2019]
(7) 61820 (King's)
Haywood, Dr Louise

Reader in Medieval Iberian Literary and Cultural Studies

Trinity Hall (3) 32522
Kantaris, Dr Geoffrey

Chair of Faculty and Reader in Latin American Culture

Fellow and Director of Studies, St Catharine's College

(3) 38312

Kogut Lessa de Sá, Dr Vivien

Teaching Associate in Portuguese Studies

Praeceptor at Corpus Christi from 1/10/2018

(7) 67391

Lisboa, Prof Maria Manuel

Professor of Portuguese Literature and Culture

St John's College (3) 38641
Noriega-Sánchez, Dr María

Senior Language Teaching Officer in Spanish

Fellow and College Lecturer in MML at Sidney Sussex (7) 60804
O'Bryen, Dr Rory

Senior University Lecturer in Latin American Literature and Culture

Fellow, Tutor and Director of Studies, King's College (3) 31676
Page, Dr Joanna

Reader in Latin American Literature and Visual Culture

Fellow and Director of Studies, Robinson College (3) 35394
Schuery, Mr Felipe

Senior Language Teaching Officer in Portuguese

Teaching Bye-Fellow at Magdalene (3) 63145
Segre, Ms Erica

Senior College Lecturer in Hispanic and Latin American Culture at Trinity College

Director of Studies and Senior Fellow of Trinity College
and Associate Fellow at Newnham College

Affiliated Lecturer in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics

Affiliated Lecturer in the Centre of Latin American Studies (7) 66282


Affiliated Lecturers, JRFs, Lectores and Others with College or University Short-Term Affiliations, etc

Name Role Email Phone
Bouzouita, Dr Miriam Linguistics Supervisor and Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35005 
Díaz Bravo, Dr Rocío

Linguistics Supervisor and Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35005
Drinkwater, Ms Judith

MML Director of Studies, Girton College (3) 37632
Feile Tomes, Dr Maya
Junior Research Fellow, Christ’s College
Faculty of Classics
Spanish Supervisor
(3) 31526
Giannakou, Dr Aretousa Affiliated Lecturer  
González Jové, Mrs Silvia

Affiliated Lecturer

Substitute Language Teacher

Spanish Language Supervisor

Preceptor in Spanish at Corpus Christi College

Lectora in Spanish at Magdalene College

(7) 60811

McGlade Dr Rhiannon 

 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Queens’ College  
Maguire, Dr Geoffrey

Junior Research Fellow in Latin American Studies and Director of Studies in MML at  Murray Edwards

Teaching Associate in Latin American Studies at CLAS (7) 62207
Martin, Dr Txuss Affiliated Lecturer  
Olmedilla Herrero, Dr Carmen

Affiliated Lecturer

Substitute Language Teacher

College Teaching Associate at St John's College

Bye Fellow and DoS in Spanish at Christ's College

Spanish Lectora at Homerton College (7) 60811
Peña Calvo, Dr Alicia

Affiliated Lecturer

Spanish Language Supervisor (3) 35005
Pujol i CampenyAfra 

Batista i Roca Fellow, Fitzwilliam College

Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35054
Velásquez-Alford Dr Sandra

Affiliated Lecturer

Spanish Supervisor

Substitute Translation Teacher (3) 35005
Womack, Dr James Substitute Translation from Spanish Teacher and Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35005

Former Members

Former members of the Spanish and Portuguese are listed here.

PhD Students in Spanish & Portuguese

PhD Students are listed here.