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Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


MML Part II - List of Papers

MML Library

The following papers are available to students taking Part II of the MML Tripos. The list of papers offered may vary from year to year.

Papers listed are those available in the academic year 2023-24.

All candidates at MML Part II must offer the following language papers:

  • C1 - Translation from and into the foreign language
  • C2 - Text and Culture
  • Oral C examination (held just before the Michaelmas Term of the Part II year)

Language papers must be offered in languages previously offered at Part I. Papers C1 and C2 may be offered in the same language or different languages. The Oral C must be offered in a language being offered for either C1 or C2.

Candidates must also offer a Year Abroad Project and three further papers chosen from the list of scheduled papers (see below) and the list of papers borrowed from other Faculties.

HML students should view the HML page for information on courses they can take. The MML options are listed here, but please note that HML students cannot take linguistics papers.

Papers with an asterisk (*) at the end of the title are introductory language papers. No candidate may offer more than one of these papers.

No candidate may offer more than two borrowed papers. No candidate may offer more than one of the "Introduction to the language and culture papers" (marked with an asterisk). No candidate may offer more than one of CS5 and CS7.

Papers with a hash symbol (#) at the end of the title have managed numbers.

Catalan (Scheduled "General" Paper)

Please see 'Suspended Papers' below.

Comparative Studies (Scheduled Papers)

French Language Papers

French Scheduled Papers

German Language Papers

German Scheduled Papers

The German scheduled papers at Part II are subject to revision with effect from Michaelmas 2022 when all of the papers will be integrated into a new numbering system. Papers GE8, GE11, GE12 and GE14 will be retained, but will have new numbers. Current papers GE9, GE10, GE13 and GE15 will be permanently suspended and replaced by two new papers. The new GE12 will be titled ‘Revolutions and Disruptions in German Culture, 1830–1945, while the new GE13 will be ‘Memory and Identity in German-speaking Europe since 1945’. Read outlines of these new papers.

Italian Language Papers

Italian Scheduled Papers

Linguistics Scheduled Papers

Modern Greek Scheduled Papers

Portuguese Language Papers

Portuguese Scheduled Papers

Portuguese (Scheduled "General" Paper)

Slavonic Language Papers

Slavonic Scheduled Papers

Spanish Language Papers

Spanish Scheduled Papers

Suspended papers available by Optional Dissertation only

The following papers are suspended for the academic year 2023-24. While there will be no lectures or other Faculty classes for these papers during the year, Part II students may offer an Optional Dissertation in place of one of these papers, provided they can find a supervisor willing to supervise them, and subject to the Faculty being able to confirm suitable examiners are available.

Note that in the event that a student does not submit an Optional Dissertation selected in one of the papers above by the required deadline, they will instead have to sit the written examination for a different paper that is not suspended in this year.