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Slavonic Studies


Staff in Slavonic Studies

Cambridge Slavonic Studies Staff

General enquiries should be addressed to For details about other members of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, please see the full Faculty Staff List for specific individuals or here for general Faculty enquiries.


Academic Staff

Name Role Email Phone
Berman, Dr Anna University Assistant Professor in 19th Century Russian Literature  
Bill, Prof Stanley

University Professor of Polish Studies (3) 35016
Ezerova, Dr Daria University Assistant Professor in Contemporary Russian Studies  
Filimonova, Dr Elena Associate Teaching Professor in Russian (7) 62883
Finnin, Prof Rory University Professor of Ukrainian Studies (7) 60824
Pevny, Dr Olenka University Associate Professor in Ukrainian Studies and in Medieval and Early Modern Slavonic Studies (3) 35055
Reich, Dr Rebecca

Director of the Slavonic Studies Section

University Associate Professor of Russian Literature and Culture (3) 37041
Schneider, Dr Anna Senior Teaching Associate in Russian (3) 31733
Smytsniuk, Mr Andrii Language Teaching Officer in Ukrainian (7) 60824
Tsareva-Brauner, Ms Vera Senior Teaching Associate (3) 31733
Widdis, Prof Emma University Professor of Slavonic Studies (3) 37568
Zanon, Dr Ksenia University Assistant Professor in Russian Linguistics  


Affiliated Lecturers

Name Role Email Phone
Bovgyria, Dr Andrii Affiliated Lecturer  
Goff, Dr Sam Affiliated Lecturer  
Karetnyk, Dr Bryan Affiliated Lecturer  
Larsen, Dr Susan Affiliated Lecturer  
Mattingly, Dr. Daria Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35010
Nowosielska, Ms Edyta Affiliated Lecturer in Polish  
Polonsky, Dr Rachel Affiliated Lecturer  


Research Staff

Name Role Email Phone
Kelly, Prof Catriona Honorary Professor of Russian and Soviet Culture; Senior Research Fellow, Trinity College (7) 65113
Teslenko, Dr Igor Visiting Fellow, Fitzwilliam College  


Postdoctoral Affiliates and JRFs

Name Role Email Phone
Arbuthnot, Dr Mollie Junior Research Fellow, Jesus College  
Russell, Dr Angus Junior Research Fellow, King's College  


Emeriti Professors

Name Role Email Phone
Cross, Prof Anthony Emeritus Professor of Slavonic Studies  
Franklin, Prof Simon Emeritus Professor of Slavonic Studies  
Howlett, Dr Jana Emerita Lecturer  
Kelly, Dr Aileen Emerita Reader  
Kirillova, Ms Irina Emerita Lecturer



Professional Services Staff

Name Role Email Phone
Viglione, Mr Marco  Slavonic Studies Section Coordinator (7) 35007
Stocks, Ms Eleanor Slavonic Studies Section Secretary