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Slavonic Studies


Current PhD Students in Slavonic Studies





Research Topic


Stepan Blinder Fitzwilliam College Western European Books in the Eastern European Cultural Frontier: the Library of Zamoyski Academy (16-17th century) Dr Olenka Pevny

Katarzyna Brzezińska

Clare College

'Wirydianna Fiszerowa: A Noblewoman’s Perspectives on Public and Private Life in Eighteenth-Century Poland'

Dr Stanley Bill

Vera Gagarina

Trinity College

"The Influence of Byzantium on Medieval Russia: Analysis of the Translations of the Lives of
the Saints from Greek into Church Slavonic in the 11th and 12th centuries"

Prof Simon Franklin

Stefan Lacny

Trinity College

 "Foreign Encounters in the Western Borderlands: Depictions of Western Ukraine in Soviet Cinema, 1925-1941"

Prof Emma Widdis

Jordan Liam

Clare College

 "Kyiv, Moscow, Warsaw – Bronislava Nijinska in Interwar Eastern Europe"

Dr Stanley Bill

Delphi Mayther

St. John's College

The Role of Literary Folklore in Russian and Ukrainian Self-Definition, 1769-1798

Dr Anna Berman

Mariia Molodyk

Queens' College

Transformations of New Media in Participatory Society: Investigating Public (Self-)Service Media in Ukraine

Dr Rory Finnin

Katerina Pavlidi

Jesus College

The Materiality of Language: Body and Affective Meaning in Vladimir Sorokin’s Twentieth-Century Works

Dr Rebecca Reich

Angus Russell

Trinity College

"The cultural transmission of Mongol institutional models in late medieval and early modern

Prof Simon Franklin

Pavel Stepanov

Girton College

Modernity on Screen: Cultural Import into Soviet Cinema (1923 - 1929)

Prof Emma Widdis


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