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The Slavonic Studies collection of the MML Library is an excellent undergraduate working library of around 30,000 including books in Polish, Czech with Slovak, Bulgarian and Ukrainian, as well as Russian. The collection has been built up over the last half-century, and aims to have copies of all essential texts and critical works. More recently-published works are available in multiple copies, while difficult-to-find texts are copied and bound for use both in and out of the Library.

Following refurbishment during the last academic year, all the Slavonic sections are now located on the second floor of the building. Computer facilities have also been improved, and the Library's holdings are all on the University Library computer catalogue: search under Union Catalogue of College and Departmental Libraries from any networked terminal both within the University and from outside. Information on Russian universities and their libraries is available on the internet, while information of a more practical nature is kept in the Year Abroad Office. Guidebooks and other printed material is held in the Year Abroad section of the Library (ZYA), all borrowable on an overnight/weekend basis.

The European Cinema paper now contains a Russian/Soviet module, and the MML Library has consequently increased its holdings of Russian and Soviet films on video as a matter of priority, as well as critical works on these. Virtually all are borrowable. A number of Ukrainian, Polish and Yugoslav films have been added as well. Most of those produced in the West are subtitled. The Russian and Soviet Art section is particularly rich, thanks to a large bequest.

Journals and newspapers in Russian and Ukrainian are kept in the entrance lobby of the Library for reading there. Titles this year include: Ogonek(Russia), Itogi (Russia), Krytyka (Ukraine) and Vsesvit (Ukraine). The Slavonic Librarian is always pleased to help readers with any problem, and welcomes book, film and new media suggestions at any time.

The University Library is one of the great research libraries in Slavonic studies in Great Britain. For an introduction to the collection please click here. The Slavonic Librarian, Mel Bach, is available to answer queries (tel. 39068). The University Library now holds the visual materials that form part of the Catherine Cooke bequest to the University of Cambridge. To view the archive, please contact the Mel Bach to arrange an appointment.

The Language Centre facilities are located in Downing Place in the John Trim Centre. These provide 24 multimedia workstations, eight video viewing stations, some with DVD, and six listening stations all of which can be used individually or in pairs for independent learning. Resources for Russian, Ukrainian and Polish are available from basic/beginners to advanced level and the advising team are available to help and guide users in their choice of materials. For details of resources housed in the Language Centre, please click here.

  • Direct satellite broadcasts of ORT (Channel One Russian) are currently available daily and these can be viewed live from the multimedia workstations. Recordings of satellite programmes are made overnight, normally starting with the news.
  • Selected news clips are also available in digital form via LC Online for Cambridge network access in the Language Centre.
  • All resources are for use on the premises; some are available online via LC Online. The computer assisted language learning programs and CD resources are available for use on the multimedia workstations.
  • A Brief Guide to All Russian Resources (language learning, literature, film and documentary, listening etc.)
  • For listening comprehension exam practice - a collection of past examination tapes click here.


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Slavonic News

New Work in Slavonic Studies Lecture Series - 'The Russian Poet Who Cannot Be Seen or Heard'

12 March 2024

We are delighted to invite you to the final talk in the New Work in Slavonic Studies guest speaker lecture series, 'The Russian Poet Who Cannot Be Seen or Heard' with Stephanie Sandler (Harvard University). This talk will take place on Thursday 14 March at 17:15 in Winstanley Theatre, Trinity College. The performance of...

In Memoriam: Natasha Squire (1931-2024)

27 February 2024

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Natasha Squire (1931-2024) at the age of 92. Natasha taught Russian in the Department of Slavonic Studies to generations of students. She was an Emeritus Fellow of Lucy Cavendish, a college which she joined in 1966, and where she served as Senior Tutor, and in many...