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Slavonic Studies


Postgraduate Courses

Cambridge Slavonic Studies Postgraduate Courses

Ukrainian nationals applying to the PhD in Slavonic Studies or the MPhil in European, Latin American and Comparative Literatures and Cultures may be eligible for an extension of the application deadline to 16 June 2022. Please contact the Postgraduate Office ( to request an extension, copying in the Slavonic Studies Section’s Postgraduate Teaching and Examinations Officer ( Please also indicate whether you would require funding, bearing in mind that funding outcomes are uncertain. It is vital that all candidates for the PhD contact their prospective supervisor before submitting an application.  Please also see here for information on application fee waivers and other support available.

The Slavonic Studies Section at the University of Cambridge offers innovative graduate teaching at the MPhil and PhD levels in the advanced study of Poland, Russian and Ukraine as well as in comparative studies, with an emphasis on cultural history from the Middle Ages to the present day. Our postgraduates have a noted record of achievement in scholarship and consistent success in securing posts at Europe's best universities.

Please refer here for an overview of application guidelines for the MPhil and PhD degrees.  Further information on applying and funding can be found here.