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MPhil in European, Latin American and Comparative Literatures and Cultures 2020/21

Lent term Modules 

Each year, during the summer months before term starts, students are asked to pre-select two modules. The list of modules offered can change from year to year depending on the availability of academic staff. Students are asked for back-up choices just in case modules are under or over-subscribed, but the faculty endeavour to offer first preferences where possible.

Students are advised that, in cases where numbers are very small, a module may be suspended. Where a module does go ahead with a small number of students (typically one or two students), those students can expect a reduction to the relevant contact hours (normally 6 sessions will be reduced to 4). 

Please note the below modules may be subject to change.  


  • ID City: The Modern City (Prof A Webber)
  • ID Cultures: Cultures of the Renaissance (Dr T Chesters)
  • ID Gender: Approaches to Gender (Prof H Sanson)
  • ID Marginalities: Marginalities in Nineteenth-Century European Culture (Prof N White / Dr C White)
  • ID MimesisMimesis and the Middle Ages: The Legacy of Erich Auerbach (Dr M Chinca)


  • FR Contemporary: Modern and Contemporary French and Francophone Culture: Articulations of the Real (Dr M Crowley)
  • FR Early Modern: Searching for Happiness (Dr E Gilby)
  • FR Medieval: Senses of the Text in Medieval France (Dr M Franklin-Brown and Dr M Griffin)


  • GE Modern Culture: Precarious narratives - liveable subjectivities (Dr Charlotte Woodford and Dr L Mukhida)​
  • GE Modern Thought: Enlightenment and its Critics from Kant to Heidegger  (Dr M Ruehl)


  • GK Myth: Myth and Literature (Dr L Giannakopoulou)
  • GK Syntactic Change: Syntactic change in Greek through an acquisition perspective (Dr I Sitaridou and Prof I Tsimpli)


  • IT 20th Century: New Commitments: Literature, Cinema and Culture in Italy, 1960 - present (Dr P Antonello)
  • IT Gesture: Gesture, Perception, Event (Prof A Brundin and Dr H Phillips-Robins)
  • IT Women & Writing: Women and Writing in Italy: Writing by Women, Writing for Women, 1500-1900 (Prof H Sanson)


  • SL 20th Century: Self-Creation in Twentieth-Century Russian and Polish Culture (Dr S Bill)
  • SL Nationalism: Literature and Nationalism in Russia and Eastern Europe (Dr R Finnin)

Spanish & Portuguese

  • SP Film: Culture, history, and politics in Spanish cinema from 1939 to the present (Dr B Cameron)
  • SP Myth and Invention: Myth and Invention: Medieval and Early Modern Iberian and Latin American Culture (Dr L Haywood & Dr R Cacho)
  • SP Iberian: Iberian Voices: Approaches to the Cultures of the Iberian Peninsula (Prof M Lisboa)

Spanish & Portuguese / Latin American 

  • SP LA Cinema: Cinema and the Politics of Representation in Latin America (Dr J Page)
  • SP LA Literature: Present Pasts, Pasts Present: Reflections on Literature and History in Latin American writing (Prof B Epps and Dr R O'Bryen)

Codes used above: 

ID = Interdisciplinary; FR = French; GE = German; GK = Greek; IT = Italian; SL = Slavonic; SP = Spanish & Portuguese; SP LA = Spanish & Portuguese/Latin American