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MPhil in European, Latin American and Comparative Literatures and Cultures 2023/24

Lent term Modules 

Each year, during the summer months before term starts, students are asked to pre-select two modules. The list of modules offered can change from year to year depending on the availability of academic staff. Students are asked for back-up choices just in case modules are under or over-subscribed, but the faculty endeavour to offer first preferences where possible.

Students are advised that, in cases where numbers are very small, a module may be suspended. Where a module does go ahead with a small number of students (typically one or two students), those students can expect a reduction to the relevant contact hours (normally 6 sessions will be reduced to 4). 

Some, but not all, of the modules advertised may be borrowable by students from other Departments/Faculties, subject to availability, course regulations and approval from both sides.  Numbers may be limited, and students enrolled on the ELAC MPhil take priority.  Queries should be directed to the MMLL Postgraduate Office on

Please note the below modules may be subject to change.  



  • FR Contemporary:  Articulations of the Real: Modern and Contemporary French and Francophone Culture (Prof. I James)
  • FR Early Modern: Body and Soul: Sensory Connections in the Early Modern Period (Dr E Gilby)
  • FR Medieval: Senses of the Text in Medieval France (Dr M Griffin)


  • GE Modern Culture: Precarious narratives - liveable subjectivities (Dr C Woodford and Dr S Colvin)​
  • GE Modern Thought: Enlightenment and its Critics from Kant to Heidegger  (Dr M Ruehl)


  • GK Myth: Women and the Subversive Power of Myth (Dr L Giannakopoulou) 
  • GK Syntactic Change: Syntactic change in Greek through an acquisition perspective (Dr I Sitaridou and Prof I Tsimpli)



  • SL 20th Century: Self-Creation in Twentieth-Century Russian and Polish Culture (Dr R Reich)
  • SL Nationalism: Literature and Nationalism in Russia and Eastern Europe (Dr R Finnin)

Spanish & Portuguese

  • SP Myth and Invention: Myth and Invention: Medieval and Early Modern Iberian and Latin American Culture (Prof. R Cacho)

Spanish & Portuguese / Latin American 

  • SP LA Cinema: The Politics of Representation in Latin American Visual Culture (Convenor TBC)
  • SP LA Literature: Present Pasts, Pasts Present: Reflections on Literature and History in Latin American writing (Dr Rory O'Bryen)

Codes used above: 

ID = Interdisciplinary; FR = French; GE = German; GK = Greek; IT = Italian; SL = Slavonic; SP = Spanish & Portuguese; SP LA = Spanish & Portuguese/Latin American