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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Did you know...?

We offer three degrees based in the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Language and Linguistics: Modern and Medieval Languages (MML), History and Modern Languages (HML), and Linguistics.


Students from our Faculty go on to a wide variety of jobs and careers, including journalism, publishing, marketing, public service, banking and investment, accountancy, law, logistics and distribution, teaching, arts and recreation, speech and language therapy, and information technology.


It is possible to combine one of our MML languages with History, or with a Middle Eastern language (Arabic, Persian or Hebrew), or with Latin or Ancient Greek.


You can study two languages with us at post-A level standard, or combine one post-A level language with a language from scratch.


You can study any of the following from scratch with us: German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish [plus Polish, Ukrainian or Modern Greek as additional options].


It doesn’t matter if you are only studying one language at A-level. This doesn’t make you less competitive against other MML applicants with more than one A-level language.


The Faculty admits mature students to its courses.

It’s always a good idea to explore your subject before you apply to study it at degree level, to be sure that it’s a subject that you are intellectually curious about and will enjoy! This could include reading, watching foreign language films or documentaries, visiting exhibitions, and listening to podcasts.


Studying languages gives you the following skills, which top employers are looking for in their new employees: social skills, teamwork, listening, cultural awareness, confidence, communication, open mindedness, problem-solving and flexibility.


Your Personal Statement is an important way for you to tell us what interests you in the degree course that you want to study.


Lectures and language classes are organised by the Faculty and take place there, while supervisions are provided by the Colleges.


Language classes and language supervisions usually take place in the target language and are often taught by native speakers. Lectures, some translation classes and supervisions on literature/film/history etc, are usually taught in English, to ensure that key ideas are understood correctly.



Our terms are only 8 weeks long, so there is plenty of time to travel or get work experience during the vacations.


For more information, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions document