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Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


MML Part IB - List of Papers

Al tramonto il mare

The following papers are available to students taking Part IB of the MML Tripos. The list of papers offered may vary from year to year.

Papers listed are those available in the academic year 2023-2024.

Students who took one Option A (ab initio) language and one Option B (post A Level) language at Part IA will take:

  • Papers B1 and B2, together with oral examination B, in the language which you previously studied at Option A (ab initio), and
  • one scheduled paper relating to the Option A (ab initio) language, and
  • a second paper from the list of scheduled papers, and
  • either a third paper from the list of scheduled papers or the B3 + MD papers in the language which you previously studied at Option B.
  • As Part I is understood as a two-year programme, it is not possible for Option A students to switch language in your second year and take the language papers (B1 and B2) in a new language. You may of course take up a third language through one of the scheduled papers such as PG3 or SP6. Other scheduled papers can be taken from any language area assuming you have sufficient linguistic proficiency to manage the reading.

Students who took two Option B (post A Level) languages at Part IA will take:

  • B3 + MD papers in both languages, and
  • three papers chosen from the list of scheduled papers.

Details of the options for students who took one Classical language (Classical Latin or Classical Greek) are available on the MML with Classics page.

Students may only offer one of the "Introduction to the language and culture..." papers (those identified with an asterisk *).

Papers with a dagger symbol (†) are available for examination by Long Essay.

Papers with a hash symbol (#) at the end of the title have managed numbers.

Catalan (General Paper)

Comparative Studies Scheduled Papers

French Language Papers

French Scheduled Papers

German Language Papers

German Scheduled Papers

Modern Greek (General Papers)

Italian Language Papers

Italian Scheduled Papers


Portuguese Language Papers

Portuguese Scheduled Papers

Portuguese General Paper

Slavonic Language Papers

Slavonic Scheduled Papers

Spanish Language Papers

Spanish Scheduled Papers