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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Student Perspectives

Find out about the study choices and experiences of some of our MMLL students.



Alfie Vaughan

4th Year

MML (French & Portuguese), Trinity Hall



Romany Whittall

1st Year

Linguistics, Christ's College


Q&A - Three of our current students answer frequently asked questions about their language choices and experiences at Cambridge.

You can also have a listen to some student podcasts, featuring current students in the German section. These recordings cover a range of topics from tips on language interviews, choosing a college, and what it's like to learn a language from scratch to experiences from the Year Abroad and writing dissertations. 

Video - Four students talk about their Year Abroad experiences


Video - Former MMLL student, Rosalind, talks about when she became interested in languages

You have your Director of Studies, and you have regular meetings with them as well as your personal tutor. There's also Faculty reps who you can talk to if you have any issues about how the course is being convened...The students all really support each other as well. It's a very cohesive and friendly environment. 



The beauty of this course is its variation, which means that you can go in pretty much any direction you choose.