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So, you’ve been offered a place to study Modern and Medieval Languages (MML), History and Modern Languages (HML), or Linguistics at Cambridge. Congratulations! Find out how you can best prepare before you arrive. 

Below is a brief overview, but for more information on each language, please also select from the list on the left.

A brief overview of academic life in Cambridge

Tripos is the name of the undergraduate system at Cambridge, and it is divided into different parts based on year group. It begins with broad introductory courses and allows for specialisation as you progress.

In MML and HML, the Tripos is divided as follows:

In Linguistics, the Tripos is divided slightly differently:

  • Part I ( first year)
  • Part IIA (second year)
  • Part IIB (third year)

In your first year, the ‘papers’ (i.e. courses or modules) you take will equip you with core skills for your degree. You will have a combination of lecture, classes and small-group sessions known as ‘supervisions.’ The courses are designed to be challenging but also introductory and supportive.

Don’t worry if you have little experience in certain aspects of the course! Make a start where you feel most comfortable and you’ll soon find that you’re making progress.

Cambridge terms are relatively short (the year is made up of three eight-week terms), so the pace of study is rapid. You will enjoy classes and lectures far more if you arrive with a good amount of preparation under your belt! So do read the further guidance for your course, and get going on suggested exercises and reading over the summer.

A couple of notes:

  • The Director of Studies (DoS) for your College will provide guidance should you meet your offer. Your College is always your first point of contact.
  • Course information is updated by the end of June for the following academic year.

We hope that you will find the Faculty a friendly, supportive, and inspiring environment in which to study and look forward to meeting you soon!