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Equality and Diversity

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Recording Lectures

Disabled students who find it problematic to take lecture notes may record lectures.


They will need evidence to support this requirement and to do the following: 

  • Inform the Accessibility & Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) of your particular circumstances. This will assist the University in making an appropriate adjustment to improve their learning experience and will also help the University to facilitate the recording of lectures. They can do this by filling in the online Student Information Form.
  • Sign the Recording Lectures Agreement and return it to the ADRC.
  • By the Tuesday before term starts, email the EDI Officer in the Faculty of MMLL (currently Sam Oliver) with a list of the lectures they will be attending (or that another student will be attending on their behalf due to their disability) and would like to record.


The EDI Officer will then check that the ADRC have received their Recording Lectures Agreement and get in touch with all the lecturers to let them know that they have been granted permission to make a recording.