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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Overall Degree Classification

As of 2022-23, Triposes at Cambridge University will now have what the university refers to as an Overall Degree Classification (ODC). This essentially brings our degree structure in line with other universities, where students receive a single classification for their entire degree. It also allows for a degree classification that can take into account more than the final year, what is known as cumulative classing. The Triposes in MMLL will have the following ODCs for students who matriculated from 2020 onwards:

  • MML and HML: MML and HML will be taking what is referred to as the 0-0-100 structure. This means that the overall degree classification is taken solely from the final year, and this essentially means no change for students on the MML and HML Triposes who would already have received a classification for the year. This includes Classics-MML, which is only a pathway in Part I of the MML Tripos, and does not continue to Part II.
  • Linguistics: Linguistics will be taking what is referred to as the 0-30-70 structure. This means that Linguistics Part IIA will count towards 30% of the final classification received for the degree, and Linguistics Part IIB will count towards 70% of the final classification. This calculation will be made once students have been marked and classed for both parts, in June of the final year. Students moving onto the Linguistics Tripos from other Triposes, who are eligible to graduate in Part IIA, will have Part I count towards 30% of the final classification and Part IIA count towards 70%.
  • AMES-MML: AMES-MML is formally a pathway through the AMES tripos rather than a tripos of its own. AMES have opted for the 0-30-70 model. Therefore Part IB for AMES-MML students will count towards 30% of the final classification, and Part II will count towards 70%.

Further information can be found here.