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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Academic Visitors at the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics

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This is a brief guide for those who wish to establish a formal status as a Visiting Scholar to the Faculty.  

You must have completed a PhD degree at the time of applying.​ If you have not yet completed your PhD, please see the information on our Visiting Students page, which is dealt with by the Postgraduate Office.


As a Visiting Scholar, you will be able to attend lectures in the University, use the facilities in the MMLL graduate centre (desk space and computer facilities), Research Facilities, Faculty and University libraries, and join in the life of the relevant section and the Faculty. You may also attend Faculty seminars, although it should be noted that attendance at lectures and seminars may require the permission of the lecturer concerned. We should, perhaps, also point out that the offer of Visiting Scholar Status does not include supervision of your work on the part of the Faculty but you are welcome to discuss your work informally.


There is a charge for this appointment of £500 per term (for all or part of the term), or £2000 for a period of 12 months. All payments will be subject to an additional VAT charge of 20%.

NB: from 1 October 2022 the fee for Visiting Scholar status in MMLL will increase. Fees will be:

  • £2,400 for a full academic year, or
  • £720 per term, or
  • £90 per week if visiting for less than one term

All fees will be subject to an addtional VAT charge of 20%.

To apply

If you would like to apply for Visiting Scholar Status you should submit the following in support of your application:

  • A completed Visitor Request Form
  • a short outline of the proposed research you wish to carry out in Cambridge
  • full CV
  • two academic references or internal recommendation.

These documents should be emailed directly to the secretary of the relevant Section of the Faculty. Please see here for all contact details.

Once we have received your full application, it will be considered by the relevant Director of Section, in consultation with the Chair and Secretary of the Faculty Board.


We regret to say that the Faculty is unable to help with accommodation but there is a Cambridge Society for Newcomers and Visiting Scholars, who might be able to help you. Visit their website.

COVID information

  • All Visiting Academics must have valid travel insurance in place.
  • The Faculty is not able to fund costs relating to isolation, quarantine or testing relating to COVID.
  • The Faculty cannot be held responsible for any travel delays relating to COVID.
  • The Faculty cannot guarantee that access to its buildings and facilities will be available to Visiting Academics. Access arrangements may need to be changed at short notice.

These guidelines are subject to change in line with the UK Government's guidelines and/or University of Cambridge provisions.