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Research Projects

Cambridge Ukrainian Studies engages in leading interdisciplinary research on the culture and society of Ukraine. It organises this research into six broad projects:

The Cambridge Ukrainian Studies Podcast

A regular series featuring lectures and discussions about Ukrainian culture and society with scholars, students, and artists around the world. It is also available on iTunesU.


Videos of many of our events and activities are now archived on our new YouTube channel.

Event Programme Archive

Ukrainian Studies Internships and Travel Grants

For students in Papers SL 9 and SL 10 who wish to travel to Ukraine over the Christmas or Easter vacations to improve their Ukrainian language skills and explore contemporary Ukrainian culture first-hand, Cambridge Ukrainian Studies offers a select number of small grants to help defray the cost of airfare. We also now help facilitate internship placements at leading cultural and political institutions in Ukraine.

'Not knowing Ukrainian would have denied me access to all of the experiences I prized most about my trip. Letting the language fall from usage, or from academic interest, would be to fossilize and bury a nation that has so much to offer.' A 2011-12 travel grant recipient

'My time in Ukraine was incredibly valuable in many senses and did not only back up the cultural knowledge needed for Paper SL 9. Talking to people personally helped me to understand the inequalities of European immigration legislation, which is biased against Ukraine; socio-linguistic issues; and the way politics impacts on everyday business decisions.' A 2009-10 travel grant recipient 

Ukrainian Studies Online Resources

selection of links to websites that may be useful to students of Ukraine. The listing of a link does not imply any endorsement by the University of Cambridge.

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Celebrating 'Freedom on Screen': The 2021 Cambridge Festival of Ukrainian Film

9 November 2021

From 22 November to 6 December, Cambridge Ukrainian Studies and the Ukrainian Institute London welcome audiences to the 2021 Ukrainian Film Festival, Freedom on Screen . Showcasing a dynamic and diverse selection of documentary and feature films, the event marks 30 years of Ukraine’s independent statehood by celebrating a spirit of creative freedom in contemporary Ukrainian cinema.

Cambridge Ukrainian Studies presents: A conversation with Alyona Alyona Ukraine’s foremost rap sensation!

10 May 2021

Cambridge Ukrainian Studies presents: A conversation with Alyona Alyona Ukraine’s foremost rap sensation! 10 May 2021 - 17:00 (BST) |The online event is free and open to the public, but registration is required. Register in advance for this event at: About Alyona Alyona : Alyona Alyona (née...