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Current PhD Students in German


Name College Research Topic Supervisor
Amy Ainsworth Jesus  The demonic and spatiality in German-language Modernism Dr Charlotte Woodford
Francesco Albé Jesus  Queer (Dis)locations: Klaus Mann and Weimar Homosexual Emancipation Literature Prof Andrew Webber
Dimitrios Antoniou Wolfson  Friedrich Nietzsche and the Politics of the Good European Dr Martin Ruehl
Jonathan Ball Jesus   Dr Charlotte Lee
Ben Craik Jesus Community Beyond the State: A Re-evaluation of Nietzsche's Political Thought Dr Martin Ruehl
Daniella DeVinter Jesus Fassbinder's cinema of provocation: getting the viewer to 'think' and 'feel' Dr Martin Ruehl
Lauren Dooley Downing The Translingual Turn in Contemporary German Literature Dr Godela Weiss-Sussex
Alexander Gebhard Trinity   Dr Martin Ruehl
Frederick Hauke Jesus Defining Dignity – A German Quest, 1770–1950 Dr Martin Ruehl
Denise Henschel Jesus New Forms of Kinship in Contemporary German Culture Dr Leila Mukhida
Adam Hexley  Queens 

The Development of Morphological Affixes in Abstract Nouns in Old High German and Old Saxon

Dr Sheila Watts 
Lotte Hondebrink Jesus The Relational Self in Post-Kantian German Philosophy: A Feminist Perspective Dr Charlotte Woodford
Frey Kalus St Catharine's Dante and the Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke Prof Heather Webb and Dr Lucia Ruprecht
Phyllis Koehler Jesus Sabbath in the Archive Dr Charlotte Woodford
Alex Mentzel Magdalene   Prof Andrew Webber
Ellie Richardson Girton Images of emancipation: feminine performance and the construction of women in Weimar film  Prof Andrew Webber
Miriam Schwarz Jesus Women's Friendships in Contemporary German and Anglophone Literature Prof Sarah Colvin
Robbie Spiers Jesus 19th and 20th century psychological and existential thought Dr Martin Ruehl
Katie Unwin Hughes Hall Animal narratives in contemporary German and comparative fiction, writing the 21st century through an animal perspectival lens, ethics of writing animal stories, advocacy and epistemic violence. Prof Sarah Colvin
Kathrin Wunderlich Churchill Germany goes forth (again). German literature, identity and memory in the nexus of Vergangenheitsbewältigung and foreign policy ‘normalisation’ after 1999. Prof Sarah Colvin
Alrik Daldrup Jesus Companion Texts. Reorienting Normalized Knowledge about Violence in Contemporary German Literature Prof Sarah Colvin


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