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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Miriam Schwarz

Photo of Miriam Schwarz

Name: Miriam Schwarz (she, her)

College: Jesus College


Supervisor: Prof Sarah Colvin

Research Topic: The Politics of Women's Friendships in Contemporary German and Anglophone Literature



Before starting her PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2020, Miriam taught as DAAD–Lektorin at the University of Oxford for three years. She received a Master’s Degree in Modern German Literature as well as a Bachelor’s degree in German Philology and Social Anthropology at the Freie Universität Berlin.



Jesus College Cambridge Schröder PhD Scholarship







Conference papers (selection)

  • "Queer Counterfactuals; Working collaboratively on Fatma Aydemir’s Dschinns and Karosh Taha’s In the Belly of the Queen", GSA 2023, Montréal.
  • "Friendship and Reading in Shida Bazyar's Drei Kameradinnen" , WIG 2022, Portland, OR.
  • “‘Race is Bigger than Our Friendship’. The ‘We’- Narrator and Racial Segregation in Aminatou Sow’s and Ann Friedman’s Big Friendship.” Given at the 93th annual conference of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA 2021, Online).
  • “Building a Future on Feminist Friendship. An Intertextual Approach on Friendship as a Gender Non-Conforming Practice in Contemporary German and English Writing”, given at the ‘Gender (Non)Conformity’- Conference, organized by the London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research (Oxford, 2019).



  • The Right to Difference: Interculturality and Human Rights in Contemporary German Literature by Nicole Coleman (review)', Feminist German Studies 38.2 (2022): 112-14.
  • 'Relational Epistemologies: Friendship and Reading in Shida Bazyar's Drei Kameradinnen'Forum for Modern Language Studies, (2024) [Forthcoming]
  • Sanna Elving, Katie Jukes, Miriam Schwarz, and Surabhi Shukla, 'Queering EB v France', in Queer Judgements Project, ed. by Nuno Ferreira, Maria F. Moscati, and Senthorun Raj, Counterpress [Forthcoming].
  • ‘Antirassismus Interdisziplinär’, along with Rim Jasmin Irscheid for ‘Kontrovers’


Other Activities and Roles

If you are working on narratological approaches to womxn centred narratives, and are interested in joining this network, email Miriam:


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