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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Daniella DeVinter


College: Jesus


Supervisor: Dr Martin Ruehl



Daniella DeVinter is a writer and filmmaker based in Cambridge. She took her bachelor’s at Oxford, graduating in German with two Gibbs Prizes for the highest degree in the languages faculty (prelims and finals) and winning the Worcester Society Arts Prize for the best results in arts subjects. She stayed on at Oxford for her master’s, getting a Distinction in Comparative Literature and Critical Translation. 


Daniella’s doctoral thesis is a critical biography of the provocative German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder.  


Fully funded AHRC scholarship (2020-2023) 

Gibbs Prize (Highest First in MML faculty: finals), Oxford (2018)  

Gibbs Prize (Highest First in MML faculty: prelims), Oxford (2015)  

Worcester College Society Arts Prize, Oxford (2018) 

Special Distinction in spoken German, Oxford (2018) 

Academic scholarship, Worcester College, Oxford (2015-2018) 



Daniella has seven years’ experience as a teacher of language, literature, and film. She has taught Oxford’s modern literature paper (Thomas Mann; Romanticism), and given lectures and seminars for Cambridge’s comparative film paper (Adorno’s Culture Industry; Neorealism). 


Conference papers

 ‘“Echte, nackte, konkrete Lebenshilfe”: A filmmaker’s intimate relationship with Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz’, German Studies Association annual conference, September 2021, Indianapolis. 

‘“It’s much more fun to work with women”: Gendering Emotions in Fassbinder’s Woman’s Films’, Society for the Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image annual conference, June 2021. 



‘Novelty Effects: A Third Reich Film and its Technicolor Muse’ (forthcoming). 

‘The Translation of Films, 1900-1950, ed. Carol O’Sullivan and Jean-François Cornu’, Oxford Comparative Criticism and Translation Review (September 2019). 

FOCUS Online, various culture and politics articles published in German (2017). 


Other activities and roles

Daniella writes screenplays for television (mostly crime dramas and mysteries), and is currently in post-production on her third film. She has sat on directors’ juries of UK film festivals, and worked as a journalist in Munich.  


Personal website