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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Lotte Hondebrink

Lotte Hondebrink





Dr Martin Ruehl


Lotte completed her MPhil in European and Latin American Comparative Literatures and Cultures at Clare College, graduating on Immanuel Kant and feminism. She also holds a BA in Modern Dutch Literature from Leiden University, and first came to Cambridge on an Erasmus+ scholarship.


Lotte’s research is exploring a new feminist approach to the German philosophical canon, focusing on the idea of the fundamentally relational self. Building on feminist writings on subjectivity and selfhood, her PhD project seeks to challenge the philosophical roots of the patriarchy and do justice to the feminist potential of post-Kantian theories of knowledge and experience.


Cambridge Trust European Scholarship (2020) Tiarks Fund PhD Scholarship (2020) Erasmus+ Exchange Scholarship (2017)


Lotte has taught English language and literature to Dutch students, and contributed to Cambridge’s HE+ lecture series (a programme aimed at academic outreach in schools) with a lecture on German philosophy.

Other activities and roles

Lotte continues her explorations of selfhood in the evenings, by doing stand-up comedy and cabaret. In the Netherlands, her songs and sketches are award-winning, and they always address and build on feminist themes.

In September 2020, while self-isolating upon returning to Cambridge, she set up a collaborative article in the Guardian on the impact of COVID-19 regulations on academic life.