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Staff in French

The list below links to details about every member of staff in French; general enquiries should be addressed to

For details about others in the Faculty, see How to Contact us for general enquiries, or the full Faculty Staff List for specific individuals.


Academic Staff

Name Role Email Phone
Azérad, Dr Hugues Fellow and College Lecturer in French, Magdalene College (3) 35049
Birch, Dr Edmund College Lecturer (3) 35824
Boitani, Dr Giulia Society for French Studies Postdoctoral Fellow  
Burgwinkle, Prof Bill Professor of Medieval French and Occitan Literature (3) 31251
Brevet, Dr Anne-Laure Affiliated Lecturer

(5) 60660

Bruder, Mr Anton Postdoctoral Affiliate  
Chabbert, Dr Marie Research Fellow (3) 38696
Chesters, Dr Tim University Lecturer (3) 33271
Claussen, Dr Emma British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow  
Courtney, Dr Cecil Emeritus Reader in French Intellectual History and Bibliography (3) 34934
Cobby, Dr Anne Affiliated Lecturer (3) 34934
Crowley, Prof. Martin

Head of French Section

Professor of Modern French Thought and Culture (3) 35576
Darlow, Prof. Mark Professor of Eighteenth-Century French Literature and Culture (3) 34947
Evans, Dr Georgina College Lecturer (3) 30264
Finch, Prof Alison Fellow, Churchill College; Honorary Professor of French Literature, University of Cambridge (7) 47473
Franklin-Brown, Dr Mary University Lecturer in Medieval French and Occitan Studies (3) 34930
Gagne, Dr Christophe Senior Language Teaching Officer (3) 35049
Gilby, Prof. Emma Professor of Early Modern French Literature and Thought (7) 60801
Glaumaud-Carbonnier, Dr Marion European Union Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow  
Griffin, Dr Miranda University Lecturer (7) 62223
Guild, Dr Elizabeth College Lecturer (3) 39166
Hammond, Prof Nicholas Professor of Early Modern French Literature and Culture (3) 35022
Huot, Prof Sylvia Professor Emerita of Medieval French Literature (3) 39881
James, Prof Ian Professor of Modern French Literature and Thought (3) 34852
Jones, Prof. Mari Professor of French Linguistics and Language Change (3) 30859
Khalfa, Dr Jean College Senior Lecturer; British Academy/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellow (3) 338468
Kistnareddy, Dr Ashwiny O. Affiliated Lecturer  
Lampitt, Dr Matt Junior Research Fellow (3) 38703
Leigh, Dr John University Lecturer (3) 32099
Mander, Dr Jenny University Senior Lecturer (3) 35807
McMahon, Dr Laura University Lecturer in Film and Screen Studies (7) 60182
McNeill, Dr Isabelle Associate Professor (3) 32509
Mitchell, Dr Rebecca Affiliated Lecturer  
Moriarty, Prof Michael

Drapers Professor of French

(3) 38254 

O'Dwyer, Dr Jules

Research Fellow

(3) 38601 

Prendergast, Prof Christopher Professor Emeritus in French and Fellow of the British Academy (3) 31659
Price, Dr Emily Kate College Lecturer  
Qadiri, Dr Sura College Associate Teaching Officer (7) 63313
Ravenhall, Dr Henry British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow  
Sugden, Dr Rebecca College Lecturer (3) 32415
Tonneau, Dr Olivier College Lecturer (7) 47296
White, Dr Claire Associate Professor of French (7) 60182
White, Prof Nicholas Professor of Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture (3) 31972
Wilson, Prof Emma Professor of French Literature and the Visual Arts (3) 38065



Name Role Email Phone
Palmer, Ms Esther Section Coordinator (3) 35009