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FRB3: Translation into French

You will practise the advanced exercise of translation into French (Prose Composition) in a fortnightly class. Paper B3 is compulsory for students who have taken Option B at Part IA in both their chosen languages. It is optional for others, but highly recommended for anyone wishing to continue with French at Part II.

Aims and objectives: 

Apart from giving you the skills and the confidence to translate complex English structures and registers into French, this class builds on your grammatical and lexical knowledge of the language through systematic practice and feedback.

Course materials: 

Some translation passages for use in the classroom and private study are available electronically. The passages used in class will be made available to students by the person running the class.


Teaching and learning: 

The teaching for this paper is in the form of fortnightly translation classes (10 overall) for which students will be expected to do written work. Students will work on a wide of passages so as to encounter a variety of registers, structures, lexical fields and grammar points.

Online resources



In the two-hour examination, candidates will be required to translate two passages (of no more than 200 words each) of modern English prose into accurate, idiomatic French.

Course Contacts: 
Dr Hugo Azérad
Dr Christophe Gagne