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FRC1: Translation from and into French

This paper is available for the academic year 2023-24.


The aim of the course is to consolidate and expand the skills acquired at Part I.

Aims and objectives: 

Translating into English will allow students to hone their translation skills, consolidate their reading skills in French, and increase their ability to create a natural and fluent text. Translating into French will allow students to consolidate their grammatical accuracy, as well as their vocabulary and command of idioms. Both classes will develop the candidate's ability to control register and tone in French and English.

Course materials: 

Some translations passages for use in the classroom and private study are available electronically. The passages used in class will be made available to students by the class teacher.


Teaching and learning: 

This paper will be taught in fortnightly classes (10 for translation into the foreign language, 10 for translation into English). Homework exercises will be set on a regular basis and assessed by the class teacher.



Students will be required in this three-hour examination to translate two passages: one from English into French and one from French into English. These will be in modern prose and of greater linguistic and conceptual difficulty than those set at Part I.

Course Contacts: 
Prof Hugo Azérad
Dr Christophe Gagne