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Undergraduate Study

The French are our nearest neighbours, with whom we have been interacting throughout our history. French is a major world language, spoken not only in several European countries, but in Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean, and the influence of France on European culture has been massive from medieval times to the present. In literature (poetry, drama, the novel), philosophy, the visual arts, and cinema, its achievements are second to none. You will find French immensely rewarding to study.


As well as offering high-level teaching in all aspects of language, the undergraduate course covers the literature, thought, and culture of France and the French-speaking world from the early medieval period to the present day. You will be able to develop your existing interests and to discover new and perhaps unexpected ones. You will encounter challenging and stimulating ideas about language, culture, and life. As well as linguistic skills and academic knowledge, you will acquire important transferable skills, skills of analysis and expression (verbal and written), which will be valuable to you whatever your chosen path after Cambridge.


Latest News

Postgraduate student wins Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France paper prize

25 March 2024

We are proud to share that Ry Montgomery has just won the ASMCF Postgraduate Paper Prize for their paper, 'Sous les pavés, le Souk: reframing (re)public(an) space in the cinema of Lionel Soukaz’.

MMLL student wins Brian Darling Memorial Essay Prize Competition

15 March 2024

We are proud to share that Georgia Goble has won the Association for the Study of Modern and Contemporary France (ASMCF) Brian Darling Memorial Essay Prize Competition with her essay on Loridan-Ivens, Ernaux and Levinas.

MMLL Alumna featured in French Culture Lecture Series

26 February 2024

The investigative journalist and MMLL alumna, Natalie Sauer (Homerton 2013), delivered an engaging presentation as part of the French Culture Lecture Series for second-year French students on the 23rd of February.

French Poetry Event at Trinity College

9 February 2024

Please join us for an exceptional exhibition of the Trinity College French Poetry collection at the Wren Library, followed by a poetry reading by Béatrice Bonhomme.

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