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Recent PhD Graduates in French


Name College Thesis title Conferral Year Supervisor
Zoi Angeli Lucy Cavendish The intersection of literature and reality in the theoretical works of Blanchot and Bataille 2021 Dr Ian James
Jasmine Cooper Newnham The (In)Voluntarily Childless Subject in Contemporary French Female Literature 2021 Prof Emma Wilson
Susan Cronin King's Experimental literature produced by the Ouvroir
de Littérature Potentielle (OuLiPo) in the 1970s.
2019 Dr Martin Crowley
Blake Gutt King's Rhizomes, Parasites, Folds and Trees: Systems of thought in medieval French, Occitan and Catalan literary texts 2018 Prof Bill Burgwinkle
Ashwiny Kistnareddy Lucy Cavendish Masculinities in Contemporary Francophone Migrant Women’s Writing in France and Canada’ 2021 Prof Emma Wilson
Jezebel Mansell         Darwin Performances of loss by contemporary female artists, filmmakers, and writers  2020 Prof Emma Wilson
Cillian Ó Fathaigh John's Rights of Asylum (Derrida) 2021 Dr Martin Crowley
Katherine Pleming Caius PhD on Marguerite Duras and Gilles Deleuze 2021 Dr Laura McMahon
Alice Roulliere Trinity Hall The representation of ghosts in Ronsard's poetry 2020 Dr Timothy Chesters
Rebecca Sugden St John's Qui dit art dit mensonge: Secrets and Lies in 19th-Century French Literature 2019 Prof Nick White
Emilija Talijan Trinity Hall Noise, Resonance and Listening in Contemporary European Cinema 2018 Prof Emma Wilson
Ioana Tranca Trinity Paris and the Rubble of Modernity: Ruins in the City in Visual and Literary Discourse (1848-1900) 2018 Prof Nicholas White
Luke Warde Trinity Hall

Of (un)Sound Mind':Louis-Ferdinand Céline and Antipathetic Intimacies between Text and Reader

2020 Dr Martin Crowley

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