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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Staff in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics

Staff in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

The list below links to details about every member of staff in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics.

For a general guide to research interests of members see Research Interests and for those of PhD students see PhD Students; general undergraduates enquiries should be addressed to; general graduate enquiries should be sent to

For details about others in the Faculty, see How to Contact us for general enquiries, or the full Faculty Staff List for specific individuals.


Academic and Academic-Related Staff

Name Role College Email Phone
Alexopoulou, Dr Dora Principal Research Associate (7) 67392
Baker, Dr Simon Research Associate      
Bennett, Prof Wendy Professor of French Philology and Linguistics Murray Edwards

(7) 60800 (Faculty)
(7) 62243 (College)

Blaxter, Dr Tam Research Fellow and Co-Investigator Gonville and Caius  
Blevins, Dr James

Director of Section, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Reader in Morphology and Syntax

Chen, Xiaobin  Research Associate (7) 60812
Collier, Dr Nigel Director of Research (7) 67356
Dubossarsky, Dr Haim Research Fellow  
Durkin, Ms Jane Communications Manager / Project Coordinator, Cambridge Language Sciences Initiative    
Graham, Dr Calbert Research Associate (7) 60812
Halbout, Ms Anne-Hélène Project Manager (MEITS) (7) 60356
Hendriks, Dr Henriëtte

Reader in Language Acquisition and Cognition

Lucy Cavendish (7) 67383
Jaszczolt, Prof Katarzyna Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy of Language Newnham (3) 35744
Katsos, Dr Napoleon Reader in Experimental Pragmatics (7) 67396
Korhonen, Professor Anna Professor of Computational Linguistics (7) 67389
Matthews, Prof Peter Emeritus Professor      
McDougall, Dr Kirsty Senior Research Associate Selwyn  
McGillivray, Dr Barbara Research Fellow  
Meelen, Dr Marieke Research Associate  
Nolan, Prof Francis Professor of Phonetics (3) 35060
Penford, Rosie MEITS Research Assistant  
Perez, Dr Ana Research Associate (7) 67357
Pilehvar, Dr Taher Research Associate  
Post, Dr Brechtje

Reader in Experimental Phonology

Jesus College

(7) 67395 (Phonetics Laboratory
(7) 64952 (Jesus College)

Roberts, Prof Ian Professor of Linguistics Downing College  
Schmidt, Dr Elaine Research Associate  
Shareghi, Dr Ehsan Research Associate      
Tang, Dr Connie Project Administrator (ESRC - DFID) (7) 63062
Thomas, Julia Project Administrator (LEXICAL)  
Tusun , Alimujiang  Research Associate (MEITS) (7) 60355
Prof. Ianthi Maria Tsimpli Chair of English and Applied Linguistics (7) 60809
Tyler, Mr. Matthew Junior Research Fellow  
Vaux, Dr Bert University Reader in Phonology and Morphology King's College (3) 31649
Vulic, Dr Ivan Research Associate  
Walsh, Ms Jane Coordinator, Cambridge Language Sciences Initiative (7) 67397
Williams, Dr John Undergraduate Teaching and Examining Officer
Reader in Applied Psycholinguistics (7) 67386
Willis, Dr David Graduate Teaching and Examining Officer
Reader in Historical Linguistics
Selwyn College

(3) 35885 (College)
(3) 35062 (Faculty)


Affiliated Lecturers

Name Role College Email Phone
Adamson, Prof Sylvia Affiliated Lecturer   Email  
Biberauer, Dr Theresa Affiliated Lecturer Churchill  
Brown, Dr Keith Affiliated Lecturer   Email  
Deuchar, Prof Margaret Affiliated Lecturer (7) 67394
Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Dr Dimitra Affiliated Lecturer  
McCarthy, Dr Diana Affiliated Lecturer   Email  
Mitchell, Dr Rebecca Affiliated lecturer (French, TAL)  
Parodi, Dr Teresa Affiliated lecturer  
Poibeau, Dr Thierry Affiliated Lecturer   Email  
Sileo, Dr Roberto B. Affiliated Lecturer Jesus  


Affiliated Researchers

Name Role College Email Phone
Buttery, Dr Paula Affiliated Researcher Gonville & Caius College (7) 67384
Friedrichs, Dr Daniel Affiliated Researcher  
Murakami, Dr Akira Affiliated Researcher  


Section Coordinator

         Name                             Role Email Phone
Hall, Romy Section Coordinator             (3) 35010                


Graduate Office Contact

           Name                           Role Email Phone
Anna Evans Graduate Administrative Assistant              (3) 35052