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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Volume 13

Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Volume 13 (2021)

Edited by Alex Cairncross and Sana Kidwai




'Pronounce φ': 'Number' Clitics in a Non-Redundant Null-Subject System

Caterina Bonan

pp. 1-34


Language Skills and Identity in Bilingual Education: A case study of a bilingual primary school in England

Napoleon Katsos, Jenny Gibson, Isabelle Lorge, Lisa-Maria Müller, Özge Öztürk, Julie Reynolds, Elspeth Wilson and Karen Forbes

pp. 35-62


Towards a Conceptual-Semantic Model of Cross-Sentential Anaphora

Roberto B. Sileo and Kasia M. Jaszczolt

pp. 62-97


CP Complements of Er-Nominalisations in English

Matthew Tyler

pp. 98-117




The Mechanics of Mismatched Ellipsis

Ema Banerjee

pp. 118-131


Whose Metaphor?: Metaphor in Belief Reports

Xiaoxuan Chen

pp. 132-143


The Implicature and Perspective-Taking Task: A novel way of investigating the relation between pragmatics and mind-reading

Napoleon Katsos

pp. 144-157


Priming the Mental Representation of Tone Sandhi in Kunming Dialect

Xiyuan Li

pp. 158-167


Asymmetry in Polar Interrogatives: An exploratory work

Valentin Rădulescu

pp. 168-184


Making the Implicit Explicit: Language as nature, culture, and structure

Martin Renard

pp. 185-196