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Semantics, Pragmatics & Philosophy Research Area

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Semantics, Pragmatics & Philosophy (SPP) Group Meetings 2022-2023

Michaelmas 2022


1st meeting:

Friday, October 14th, 2022 (14:00 - 15:00)



Cabanes-Calabuig, Mireia. 2022. Expressive ‘dimension’?


Guest Speaker:

Mireia Cabanes-Calabuig (University of Cambridge)




2nd meeting:

Friday, October 28th, 2022 (14:00 - 15:00)



Isaac, M. 2020. How to conceptually engineer conceptual engineering? Inquiry, 1-24.


Guest speaker:

Dr. Manuel Gustavo Isaac (University of Zurich, Switzerland)




3rd Meeting:

Friday, November 11th, 2022 (14:00- 15:00)



Dombi, J., Sydorenko, T., & Timpe-Laughlin, V. 2022. Common ground, cooperation, and recipient design in human-computer interactions. Journal of Pragmatics, 193, 4-20.


Guest Speaker:

Dr. Judit Dombi (University of Pécs, Hungary)




4th meeting:

Friday, November 25th, 2022 (14:00- 15:00)



Blochowiak, J., Castelain, T., Rodriguez-Villagra, O., & Musolino, J. (2022). If and only if people were logical! The effect of pragmatic enrichment on reasoning with abstract and realistic materials. Journal of Pragmatics, 197, 137-158.


Guest speakers:

Dr. Joanna Blochowiak (University of Geneva, Switzerland) and Dr. Thomas Castelain (University of Girona, Spain)

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