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Semantics and Pragmatics

Semantics, Pragmatics and Philosophy

Course Convenor: Professor Kasia Jaszczolt (

The seminar addresses cutting-edge questions concerning meaning in language, mind and discourse. This year we will focus on the concept of time. Topics include:

  • How temporal reference is expressed in different languages;
  • Temporal location and time flow in grammar, lexicon and pragmatics;
  • Does time really flow? Linguistic and philosophical discussions;
  • Time and emotions;
  • The meaning of ‘now’;
  • Representing time vis-à-vis representing space in mind and language

For students with little background semantics, pragmatics and philosophy of language attendance at the Semantics and Pragmatics lectures (Li10) is strongly recommended both in Michaelmas and Lent Term. No background in philosophy is required.