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Conference Papers and Other Presentations

Sileo, R. B. 'The semantics and pragmatics of racial and ethnic language: Towards a comprehensive radical contextualist account'. Cambridge Linguistics Forum, University of Cambridge. 15 February 2018


Jaszczolt, K. M. 'Representing beliefs and belief reports in Default Semantics: In search for a proposition'. Workshop 'Non-propositional attitudes', Birkbeck College, London. 26 March 2018



In preparation, invited for the 2nd International Conference on Pragmatics and Philosophy Pragmasophia 2, Lisbon, 18-21 September 2018:

Jaszczolt, K. M. 'Being Gricean in 2018: Questions for metapragmatics'



In preparation, accepted for presentation at the American Pragmatics Association Conference (AMPRA4), Albany, NY. 1-3 November 2018:

Jaszczolt, K. M. & R. B. Sileo. 'Pragmatics and grammar as sources of temporal ordering in discourse'

Sileo, R. B.  'Cross-sentential reference assignment and the grammar/inference distinction'

Jaszczolt, K. M. 'Rethinking being Gricean: New challenges for metapragmatics'