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Part II

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Papers offered by the Department

For students following the Linguistics Tripos in Part I, you should choose a total of four papers from Section C and Section D.

For students following another Tripos at Part 1, you must take four papers, comprising of:

  • Paper Li.1 - Sounds and words †
  • Paper Li.2 - Structures and meanings †
  • TWO papers to be chosen from Section C and Section D

† If this paper has already been taken in another tripos it cannot be taken again and another paper must be chosen from Sections C and D.

Section C (Part IIA and IIB)

  • 6: Phonetics
  • 7: Phonological Theory (runs on alternate years with Li8: running in 2023-24)
  • 8: Morphology (runs on alternate years: suspended in 2023-24)
  • 9: Syntax
  • 10: Semantics and pragmatics
  • 11: Historical linguistics (runs on alternate years: suspended in 2023-24)
  • 12: History of Ideas on Language  (suspended in 2023-24)
  • 13: History of the English Language  (runs on alternate years with Li11: running in 2023-24)
  • 14: History of the French Language  (running in 2023-24)
  • 15: First and Second Language Acquisition
  • 16: Psychology of Language Processing and Learning
  • 17: Language Typology and Cognition
  • 18: Computational Linguistics

Latest News

Data Science in UK secondary education: supporting the hmanities and languages

6 June 2023

Join us for a workshop to explore how data science might build on the rapid expansion of online learning platforms in UK schools to improve the language development and writing skills of students in the humanities and languages in the UK state school sector.

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