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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Volume 5

Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Volume 5 (2009)

Edited by Alastair Appleton, Elliott Lash, and Marius L. Jøhndal


Acquisition of tonal targets in Catalan, Spanish, and English

Lluïsa Astruc, Pilar Prieto, Elinor Payne, Brechtje Post, and Maria del Mar Vanrell

pp. 1-14


The syntactic role of discourse-related features

Silvio Chruschina

pp. 15-30


Intervention effects in English and Russian speakers' L2 Chinese wh-questions

Esuna Dugarova

pp. 31-45


Linearization and post-syntactic operations in the Quechua DP

Neil Myler

pp. 46-66


Deriving the Final-over-Final Constraint from third factor considerations

George Walkden

pp. 67-72