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Postgraduate Study in Linguistics

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Current PhD Students in Theoretical & Applied Linguistics

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Name College Research Topic Supervisor
James Algie King's College Corpus-based and Experimental Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
Alan Ansell Churchill College Learning to remember: enhanced long-term memory for natural language understanding Prof Anna Korhonen
Linda Bakkouche Lucy Cavendish College The role of auditory and cognitive individual differences in second language speech learning. Prof Brechtje Post
Ema Banerjee Emmanuel College Licensing Ellipsis; Beyond Syntax Prof Ian Roberts
Mireia Cabanes-Calabuig Downing College Semantics and pragmatics of expressive language Prof Kasia Jaszczolt
Alex Cairncross Churchill College L1-Attrition of Pronominal Reference and (Pseudo)Relative Clause Parsing in Italian Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
Nuphak Charoensirisoonthorn Christ's College  The development of temporal expression in English by L1 speakers of Thai Prof Henriette Hendriks
Xiaoxuan Chen Lucy Cavendish College Reporting Nonliteralness: Propositional Attitude Reports and Figurative Language Prof Kasia Jaszczolt
Stefania Costea St John's College The effects of contact on Moldovan Daco-Romanian syntax Prof Adam Ledgeway
Joe Cowan Darwin College   Dr Napoleon Katsos
Kateryna Derkach Fitzwilliam College The Acquisition of Articles in L2 English Dr Dora Alexpoulou
Marco Fioratti Sidney Sussex College Interrogative inversion: syntax and semantics at the interface Prof Adam Ledgeway
Panagiotis Fytas Robinson College Extracting Insights into Social Sciences by Combining Natural Language Processing with Causal Inference Prof Anna Korhonen
Luca Gal  Christ's College  The replication of Evaluative Morphology in Romance–non-Romance language contact Prof Adam Ledgeway
Linda Gerlach Selwyn College Selection of similar speakers based on perceptual judgements and measured features for forensic applications Dr Kirsty McDougall
Yiyang Guo Trinity College The syntax and semantics of counting: A comparative approach Prof Ian Roberts and Dr Theresa Biberauer
Nina Haket Trinity Hall Linguistics and Conceptual Engineering Prof Kasia Jaszczolt
Songbo Hu Girton College Building coherent open-domain dialogue systems Prof Anna Korhonen
Elena Isolani Sidney Sussex College The Parametric Comparison Method: a diachronic comparative analysis of Italian and Florentine Prof Ian Roberts   
Ka Ho (Arthur) Kan Darwin College Argument Structure in Childhood Bilingualism - the case of Resultative Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
Emily Lau Jesus College Dissecting and Synthesizing Dramatic Affect Prof Brechtje Post
Anthony Li Girton College The Domain-Specificity of Task-Switching in Multilingualism: a Study on Cantonese-Mandarin-English Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
Kechun (Katrina) Li Churchill College Prosodic focus in Chinese dialects Prof Brechtje Post and Prof Francis Nolan
Yaoyiran Li Robinson College Code the Comprehension: Towards Better Representation Learning Dr Anna Korhonen
Yinhong (William) Liu Corpus Christi College High-quality Multi-Sentence Text Generation from Knowledge Graph Prof Nigel Collier
Alice Paver  Jesus College  The phonetic and perceptual underpinnings of voice distinctiveness and voice quality.  Dr Kirsty McDougall
Marinela Parovic Trinity College Cross-lingual NLP and language modelling Prof Anna Korhonen
Anastasiia Petrenko Newnham College The ways of time conceptualisation in different languages Prof Kasia Jaszczolt
Ulla Petti Trinity College Detecting Alzheimer's Disease from Semantic Verbal Fluency Prof Anna Korhonen
Victor Prokhorov Selwyn College Inducing Semantic Embeddings for Unseen Words with Artificial Neural Networks Dr Nigel Collier
Evgeniia Razumovskaia Queens' College Making dialog systems controllable, interpretable and generalizable by incorporating structure into end-to-end systems Prof Anna Korhonen
Madeleine Rees Pembroke College Individual variability dictating integration of speech production and perception systems in Spanish & English-speaking bilinguals Prof Brechtje Post and Dr Matt Davis
Fangning Ren Downing College An Interface-based Approach to Analysing Wh-fronting Constructions in Mandarin Chinese  Prof Ian Roberts
Leonardo Russo Cardona Gonville & Caius College Voice and non-canonical passives Prof Ian Roberts and Prof Ioanna Sitaridou
Julia Schwarz Jesus College Separate, Combined, or Parallel Routes? An Interdisciplinary Approach to Complex Word Processing Prof Brechtje Post
Sadiyah Shahidullah Newnham College Rethinking Post-Gricean Categories of Meaning: Evidence from Arabic Linguistic-Pragmatic Thought and Arabic Discourse Prof Kasia Jaszczolt
Yibing Shi Newnham College Tone sandhi across Chinese Wu dialects Prof Brechtje Post
Chang Shu Hughes Hall Human-centered Natural Language Generation Prof Nigel Collier
Samantha Sie Newnham College The role of Manglish in the acquisition of English as a second language in Malaysia Prof Ianthi M. Tsimpli
Jasper Sim Jesus College Phonological Acquisition of Contact varieties of English in Simultaneous Bilinguals Prof Brechtje Post
Chara Triantafyllidou Downing College The Role of Prosodic Skills and Socioeconomic Status in Reading Comprehension Prof Ianthi-Maria Tsimpli
Andromachi (Anna) Tsoukala Queens' College The Role of Prediction in Reading Prof Ianthi M. Tsimpli, Prof Zoe Kourtzi, and Dr Margreet Vogelzang
Chrysoula (Lina) Vassiliu Magdalene College Individual Differences in Multilingualism and Language Learning: Effects on Cognitive Flexibility and Structure Learning Prof Henriette Hendriks and Prof Zoe Kourtzi
Yutong Wang Jesus College  Incomplete neutralisation in Beijing retroflex suffixation Prof Brechtje Post and Dr Mitko Sabev
Jodie Webber Darwin College Linguistic and cognitive effects of a mobile teaching kitchens intervention (nutrition education) Prof Ianthi Tsimpli and Prof Sumantra (Shumone) Ray
Mandy Wigdorowitz St John's College Linguistic and Cognitive Effects of Contextual and Individual Linguistic Diversity: Multilingualism in South Africa and the United Kingdom Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
Zuzanna Witkowska King's College The impact of proficiency and learning context on linguistic sources of miscommunication in native/non-native interaction Prof Henriette Hendriks 
Yuyan Xue Trinity College Implicit/explicit semiartificial L2 learning effects on motion event conceptualization: online and offline effects Prof John Williams
Liu Yang Newnham College On the structure of nominal coordination Prof Ian Roberts and Dr Theresa Biberauer
Chenyi Zhang Trinity Hall Individual differences in Text-Picture Integration Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
Meiru Zhang Murray Edwards College Early detection of epidemic outbreaks based on social media data Prof Nigel Collier
Yixin Zhang Selwyn College L1 Development of Lexical Tone from an Interactive and Parallel Perspective Prof Brechtje Post and Dr Elaine Schmidt
Fanghua Zheng Girton College How Plurality is Encoded in Mandarin Chinese Noun Phrases Prof Ian Roberts and Dr Theresa Biberauer
Tianyi Zheng Queen's College English literacy development in China's ethnic minority children Prof Ianthi Tsimpli
Yi Zhu Clare Hall LEXICAL Project

Prof Anna Korhonen



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