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Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Research - Linguistics

Model named 'Larry the Larynx'

The Department is home to cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research across a wide range of theoretical and applied linguistics and is home to excellent Research Facilities. Its research is focused around six principal research clusters which bring together not only the Department's staff and postgraduate students, but also linguists from the wider Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic.

Activities organized by the Department include the Cambridge Linguistics Forum, talks and presentations, student-run workshops, and reading groups. Research students are given regular opportunities to present their work in a relaxed and supportive environment which offers them valuable feedback on their projects.

The Department is also active in organising conferences in various domains of theoretical and applied linguistics, including those arranged periodically by postgraduate students to showcase the work of outstanding young researchers from the UK and abroad. The Language Sciences Interdisciplinary Research Centre provides a welcome forum for creating networks and collaborations with colleagues across the wider University. 

The Department has been particularly successful in attracting external research funding. A number of current projects such as the work in forensic phonetics have an important impact dimension; several members of the Department are also very active in outreach activities, for example, working with local primary and secondary schools.