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Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


DTAL Outreach

Outreach and Public Engagement

Would you like to learn more about language structure, sound and meaning? Do you have a group of students that are interested in linguistics? Come to our Public Engagement events.

Linguistic research addresses several issues that stimulate curiosity. Are some languages better than others? Can we learn a foreign language subconsciously? Is it good to raise children to speak two languages? These and other topics are addressed are addressed in our annual public engagement activities. We also take part in the Festival of Ideas, a University of Cambridge initiative that celebrates the arts, humanities and social sciences. For more information on upcoming events please see the News and Events page.

Would you like to learn more about raising and educating bilingual children? Join our Bilingualism Network. The research on language that is undertaken in the Department has implications for how to raise and educate children and second language learners. In collaboration with researchers across the University, we have launched a Bilingualism Network to increase awareness about the benefits and challenges of bilingualism. For more inforamtion visit the network's web page.