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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Volume 2

Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Volume 2 (March 2004)

Edited by Faye Charcraft and Efthymios Sipetzis


Note: For this volume, only the first page of each article is available electronically. A print version of the complete volume is accessible in the West Room of the University Library.




The form and function of extra-sentential elements

Lluïsa Astruc-Acguilera

pp. 1-25


Keeping movement motivated: optionality without the tears

Theresa Biberauer and Marc Richards

pp. 27-45


Syntactic variation and synonymy

Faye Chalcraft

pp. 47-65


Balance in the diachronic development of vowel systems: a case of HoTHoP

Joanne Chapter

pp. 67-85


The external category of free relatives: Evidence from Modern Greek

Evangelia Daskalaki

pp. 87-107


An experimental acoustic study of dental and interdental non-sibilant fricatives

Mark J. Jones

pp. 109-128


Palatalization and Featural Morphemes in Czech

Kathrine Ketner

pp. 129-147


The Old Irish double system of verbal inflection: towards a synchronic analysis

Glenda Newton

pp. 149-171


Risen and rise-plateau-slumps in Trevigiano

Elinor Payne

pp. 173-186


On the Diachrony of Greek: facts and implications

Efthymios Sipetzis

pp. 187-210


The (non-) progressive in Thai

Jiranthara Srioutai

pp. 211-234


Socialising Grice: On interlocutors' reasons for co-operating in conversation

Marina Terkourafi

pp. 235-247