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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Volume 6

Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Volume 6 (2012)

Edited by James N. Chancharu, Xuhui Freddy Hu, and Moreno Mitrovic


A new take on partial control: defective thematic intervention

Michelle Sheehan

pp. 1-47


Agreeing with nothing: opacity and the implications of the minimalist program for phonology

J. Joseph Perry

pp. 49-62


Manifestation of vagueness in language use: two experiments

Minyao Huang

pp. 63-94


Phasing out phases and re-relativizing relativized minimality

John Torr

pp. 96-129


Comparative method algorithm

Sophia Gilman

pp. 131-175


The underlying conditionality of conditionals which do not use if

Chi-Hé Elder

pp. 177-200


Subject agreement and the EPP in Bantu agreeing inversion

Jenneke van der Wal

pp. 201-236


Restructuring the tough approach to the Mandarin long passive

Alison Biggs

pp. 237-266


Towards a parameter hierarchy for auxiliaries: diachronic considerations

Theresa Biberauer and Ian Roberts

pp. 267-294


Text simplification of legal English: laws on women's rights in Pakistan

Naveed Ahmad and Napoleon Katsos

pp. 295-310


The computability and computational complexity of generativity

Jeffery Watumull

pp. 311-329