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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Volume 9

Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Volume 9 (2016)

Edited by Adrás Bárány and J. M. M. Brown


Split intransitivity in English

James Baker

pp. 1-34


Negation in Baltic Middle Low German

Caroline Appleby

pp. 35-81


A syntactic account for the parametric variation of the Number feature

Christopher Hicks

pp. 82-107


Null arguments in Old Norwegian: Interaction between pronouns and functional domains

Kari Kinn

pp. 108-129


Labelling in Syntax

Richard Stockwell

pp. 130-155


Resumption in English: An investigation of usage and acceptability

Hannah Blythe

pp. 156-183


Unifying the that-trace and anti-that-trace effects

Jamie Douglas

pp. 184-211


"Mae probl monolingual yn minority": Factors favouring the production of code-switching by Welsh English bilingual speakers

Margaret Deuchar, Kevin Donnelly, and Caroline Piercy

pp. 212-234


The modal value of ancora/angórə in Barese and northern Apulian varieties

Luigi Andriani

pp. 235-245


Who Moo-ved my Cow? The Lexicalization of Onomatopoeia and Imitative Shift in Mandarin

Arthur Thompson

pp. 246-253