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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Volume 1

Cambridge Occasional Papers in Linguistics, Volume 1 (2004)

Edited by Lluïsa Astruc and Marc Richards


Note: For this volume, only the first page of each article is available electronically. A print version of the complete volume is accessible in the University Library West Room.




Right-dislocations: influence of information structure on prosodic phrasing and intonation

Lluïsa Astruc

pp. 1-14


Reconsidering the EPP and Spec-TP in Germanic

Theresa Biberauer

pp. 15-40


Evidence that V2 involves two movements: a reply to Müller

Theresa Biberauer and Ian Roberts

pp. 41-62


Logic in syntax

Fiorieneke Bonthuis

pp. 63-82


Conflation and Hierarchies

Paul de Lacy

pp. 63-82


Determinants of event type in Persian complex predicates

Raffaella Folli, Heidi Harley, and Simin Karimi

pp. 83-100


A lexical approach to the derivation of the English Middle construction

Casilda Garía de la Maza

pp. 127-146


The Origin of Retroflex Plosives in Italian, Sardinian, and Corsican Dialects

Mark Jones

pp. 147-156


The Realisation of the Intonational Plateaux: Effects of Foot Structure

Rachael-Anne Knight

pp. 147-156


The structural impact of phonetic detail: Italian consonant gemination revisited

Elinor Payne

pp. 157-164


Keeping Order at PF

Marc Richards

pp. 165-182


On structural changes in the evolution of the Greek case system

Efthymios Sipetzis

pp. 183-204


On the meaning of movement

Mark Wainwright

pp. 205-224


Syntactic lexicalisation as a third type of degrammaticalisation

David Willis

pp. 225-274