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How could multilingualism benefit India’s poorest schoolchildren?

Multilingualism is the norm in India. But rather than enjoying the cognitive and learning advantages seen in multilingual children in the Global North, Indian children show low levels of learning basic school skills. Professor Ianthi Tsimpli is trying to disentangle the causes of this paradox.

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Spanish-English speakers' text reading comprehension: An eye movements-EEG experiment

The purpose of this study is to better understand whether learners of a second language differ from native speakers in text comprehension processes. Concretely, native Spanish speakers will be reading in their second language (English) to assess some cognitive processes that take place during normal text comprehension. To...

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Time: From Semantics to Metaphysics

Professor Kasia Jaszczolt (TAL, MML) will give a talk 'Time: From Semantics to Metaphysics'on Wednesday 30 May 2018, 4.30-6pm in the Faculty of Philosophy Board Room at a meeting of the Serious Metaphysics Group: All welcome. Abstract Investigation into the reality of time can...

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Rethinking Being Gricean: New Challenges for Metapragmatics

A new research project funded by a Cambridge Humanities Research Grant is launched in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. Rethinking Being Gricean: New Challenges for Metapragmatics is led by Professor Kasia Jaszczolt with Dr Roberto Sileo as Research Associate. The project runs until 31 July 2018. You can read more about...

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6th Cambridge Comparative Syntax conference (CamCoS 6) to take place 4-6 May 2017

The two and a half day conference will take place in Cambridge 4–6 May 2017 . The first half-day will feature talks by Cambridge-based researchers, focusing in particular on the major results of the ReCoS project. This will be followed by a full-day general session on comparative generative syntax. The final day of the...

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Radical Pragmatics Forty Years On: Workshop with Professor Jay Atlas

Radical Pragmatics Forty Years On: Workshop with Professor Jay Atlas Friday 17 March 2017, Lucia Windsor Room, Newnham College Organiser: Professor Kasia M. Jaszczolt ( ) Sponsored by Newnham College and the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics The workshop, lunch and drinks reception are free...

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Cambridge Linguistics Forum Programme Lent 2017

Please find below the Cambridge Linguistics Forum talks for Lent term 2017. The programme is also downloadable here . January 19th Dr Mareike Keller (University of Manheim) Morphological characteristics of Medieval Code Switching Venue: GR06/07, English Faculty Building January 26th Dr Michael Ramscar (Eberhard Karls...

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Morphosyntactic Variation in Adpositions - Workshop at Queens' College, May 2017

The workshop "Morphosyntactic Variation in Adpositions" will take place at Queens' College, Cambridge, on 8–9 May 2017 . Abstracts are welcome for submission on any topic related to the morphosyntactic variation, either synchronic or diachronic, in prepositions, postpositions, and adpositional prefixes and particles, from...

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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Ianthi Tsimpli, Chair of English and Applied Linguistics

Professor Ianthi Tsimpli, Chair of English and Applied Linguistics and Professorial Fellow, Fitzwilliam College is to give her inaugural lecture on Tuesday 22 November. The talk titled 'A Feast of languages: Multilingualism in neuro-typical and atypical populations' , will take place in the Auditorium of Fitzwilliam...

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Bi-dialectalism in children may share same cognitive advantages as multilingualism

New findings on bi-dialectalism show that children who have the ability to speak two dialects may share the same cognitive advantages as multilingual children. Read more on this collaboration between researchers in Cambridge and Cyprus here:

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