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Centre for Human Inspired Artificial Intelligence Announces Funding Partnership with Google

CHIA Research Day

Photo by Cambridge FilmWorks


We are delighted to share that the Centre for Human Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA), directed by MMLL's Professor Anna Korhonen, has just announced a funding partnership with Google to facilitate AI research. 

“Here at the Centre for Human-Inspired Artificial Intelligence our researchers are dedicated to making sure that people are put at the very heart of new developments in AI. As our first funding partner, Google has been with us from the start of our journey, helping enable the breakthrough interdisciplinary research that we do. Partnerships like this – between academia and industry – will continue to be vital for the successful development of human-inspired AI.” 

The founding principle of CHIA is to advance Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of humanity. Its interdisciplinary approach to AI pushes the frontiers of knowledge and plays a leading role in educating the next generation of AI scientists in the area. 


Learn out more about this partnership and about CHIA here: 

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