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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


TAL Talks Archive


From 2019 to 2021, COPiL hosted handouts from talks and seminars on works in progress presented in Cambridge. Our current list of downloadable handouts is presented below.

If you have given a talk which you think fits the aims of COPiL and would like to share your handout, please contact the COPiL editorial team at


Lent 2021

Rethinking Swahili clause structure: the view from relatives

Tom Meadows (Queen Mary University of London)

SyntaxLab - 22 March 2021


Linearizing final complementizers in head-initial languages - The case of Medumba

Carolin Tyrchan (Utrecht University)

SyntaxLab - 16 March 2021


Ellipsis in a modular perspective

Craig Sailor (University of Edinburgh)

SyntaxLab - 01 March 2021


The Urdu Active Impersonal

Sana Kidwai (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 16 February 2021


Coming to the party late: On the timing and limitations of word building

Paula Fenger (Universität Leipzig)

SyntaxLab - 09 February 2021


Complementizers as Probes

Nikos Angelopoulos (KU Leuven)

SyntaxLab - 26 January 2021


Michaelmas 2020

Extending Parametric Comparison

James Baker, Elena Isolani and Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 16 November 2020


Deriving Pro-Drop in a Non-Paradigmatic Approach

Olaf Koeneman (Radboud Univeristy) and Hedde Ziejlstra (Georg-August-Universtät Göttingen)

SyntaxLab - 5 November 2020


Disentangling the Vedic left-periphery

Krishnan Ram-Prasad (University of Cambridge)

Classics and Indo-European Seminar (Faculty of Classics) - 28 October 2020


Pronominal Demonstratives in homeland and heritage Scandinavian

Kari Kinn (University of Bergen) and Ida Larsson (Østfold University College)

SyntaxLab - 27 October 2020


Syntactically underspecified Voice: Evidence from the causative alternation in Choctaw

Matthew Tyler (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 20 October 2020


CP-licensing of DOM: evidence from northern Italian and beyond?

Onkar Singh (University of Cambridge)

Romance Linguistic Online Seminar - 20 October 2020


Easter 2020

Accusative case and the verbal domain in Hindi-Urdu

Sana Kidwai (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 2 June 2020


What we found is (not just) a focus construction

Jenneke van der Wal (Universiteit Leiden) and Patrick Kanampiu (Universiteit Leiden)

SyntaxLab - 26 May 2020


Narrative Structures in Colloquial English

Jamie Bailey (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 19 May 2020


Locality and (a)symmetry in case and agreement

András Bárány (Leiden University Centre for Linguistics)

SyntaxLab - 12 May 2020


Grammaticalization up the tree? The story of 'do' in the Italian Camuno dialect

Nicola Swinburne (University of Oxford)

SyntaxLab - 5 May 2020


Lent 2020

Issues in Basque-Romance Contact

Ricardo Etxepare (CNRS, IKER UMR5478)

Syntax mini-course - 3-4 March 2020


Argument Ellipsis and Anti-Agreement Theory Revisited

Fanghua Zheng (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 3 March 2020


Earliness Conditions on EPP-satisfaction: a view from Basque micro-comparative syntax

Ricardo Etxepare (CNRS, IKER UMR5478)

SyntaxLab - 25 February 2020


The Syntax of Sanskrit Causatives

Antonia Ruppel (University of Oxford)

Indo-European Seminar (Faculty of Classics) - 19 February 2020


A third factor account of locality: explaining intervention and impenetrability effects with Minimal Search

Seth Aycock (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 18 February 2020


The use of "as" as a post- adjectival intensifier in English

Imogen Davies (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 11 February 2020


Rethinking Diachronic Syntax

Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 28 January 2020


Clause Structure and the Morphosyntax of Swahili Verbs

Tom Meadows (Queen Mary University of London)

SyntaxLab - 21 January 2020


Michaelmas 2019

t-glottalling, flapping and pre-glottalisation in British Englishes: Patterns in phonological and social variability

Danielle Turton (Lancaster University)

Cambridge Linguistics Forum - 5 December 2019


Moving without a Goal: Deconstructing "Directional" PPs

Pietro Baggio (Queen Mary University of London)

SyntaxLab - 3 December 2019


An alternative theory of indexical shift

Sandhya Sundaresan (Universität Leipzig)

SyntaxLab - 26 November 2019


Deriving Selective Opacity via Path-based Locality

Thomas McFadden (ZAS, Berlin) and Sandhya Sundaresan (Universität Leipzig)

Syntax mini-course - 22 November 2019


Sociolinguistic Vulnerability: Disaster Linguicism and Crisis Translation

Federico Federici (University College London)

Linguistics Society - 14 November 2019


Allocutive marking and the theory of agreement

Thomas McFadden (ZAS, Berlin)

SyntaxLab - 5 November 2019


Domains and Parameters

Ian Roberts (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 22 October 2019


Granularity in generative syntax and why it matters

Chenchen Julio Song (University of Cambridge)

SyntaxLab - 15 October 2019