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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics


Fangning Ren

College: Downing


Supervisor: Prof Ian Roberts and Dr Theresa Biberauer

Research Topic: An Interface-based Approach to Analysing Wh-fronting Constructions in Mandarin Chinese



Fangning is a second-year PhD student in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics. She received her BA in English Language and Literature and MA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages from Beijing Language and Culture University. Afterwards, she completed an MA in Linguistics with distinction at University College London.



Fangning is currently working on the parametric variations of question formation in multiple wh-fronting languages and wh-in-situ languages. She is especially interested in the syntactic encoding of information structure in Mandarin wh-fronting constructions.



CSC Cambridge International Scholarship



Li9 supervision: Syntax